WordPress Toolbar v 2.2 : Custom toolbar url,  Support for WPMU and bug fixes

WordPress Toolbar v 2.2 : Custom toolbar url, Support for WPMU and bug fixes


WordPress toolbar plugin provide a facebook, digg style toolbar for all outgoing links from your blog posts. The toolbar url defaults to http://yourblog/wp-content/plugins/wordpress-toolbar/toolbar.php. However with version 2.2, blog admin can customize toolbar url to http://yourblog/wordpress-toolbar/ through the admin panel. A lot of other enhancements have been added like cross-plugin compatibility and support for WPMU hosted blogs. Check full feature list below.

What’s New?
Listed below is list of new features and bug fixes released with v 2.2:

  1. Support for customizing toolbar url through admin panel
  2. Support for WPMU hosted blogs
  3. Support for removing “Get this Plugin” widget from the toolbar through admin panel
  4. Security fix for possible XSS attack. Fix done by passing encoded hash string instead of plain text parameters. Also added various security checks on toolbar page to avoid possible XSS attacks.
  5. Bug fix where plugin didn’t work as expected because of cross plugin compatibility issues. Fix done by replacing server side toolbar logic with client side (using jquery) logic.
  6. Bug fix to show sociable share icons and tinyurl share link only for single posts and pages
  7. Bug fix for unrecognizable code in the toolbar when the encoding of hosted blog is different from utf-8. Fix done by using hosted blog settings instead of hardcoded utf-8.

Also core plugin code has been restructured (OOPS oriented now) so that maintainability and support becomes easier and quicker.

Steps to customize the default toolbar URL
Enable WordPress Toolbar v 2.2 plugin. Assuming you want to change default toolbar url from /wp-content/plugins/wordpress-toolbar/toolbar.php to /wordpress-toolbar, follow these steps:

  1. Enable apache mod_rewrite
  2. Add AllowOverride All in your blog virtual host config file and restart apache
  3. Add following apache rewrite rule by editing your blog .htaccess file
    RewriteRule ^wordpress-toolbar$ wp-content/plugins/wordpress-toolbar/toolbar.php
    RewriteRule ^wordpress-toolbar/$ wp-content/plugins/wordpress-toolbar/toolbar.php
  4. If you have blogs hosted using WPMU, add following apache rewrite rules in .htaccess file
    RewriteRule ^wordpress-toolbar$ wp-content/plugins/wordpress-toolbar/toolbar.php
    RewriteRule ^wordpress-toolbar/$ wp-content/plugins/wordpress-toolbar/toolbar.php
    RewriteRule ^([0-9a-zA-Z-]+)/wordpress-toolbar$ $1/wp-content/plugins/wordpress-toolbar/toolbar.php
    RewriteRule ^([0-9a-zA-Z-]+)/wordpress-toolbar/$ $1/wp-content/plugins/wordpress-toolbar/toolbar.php
  5. Manually check if rewrite rules are working. Open your custom toolbar url and you should see a result similar to this http://abhinavsingh.com/blog/wordpress-toolbar
  6. If for some reasons you DO NOT see “Working! Though required parameters are missing.” on toolbar page, it means rewrite rules didn’t worked as expected. Before you proceed with the setup, you SHOULD fix rewrite rules
  7. Go to wordpress admin and click "Wordpress Toolbar" under Settings tab
  8. Update your new custom toolbar url as shown: wordpress-toolbar-v-2.2-custom-toolbar-url-demo
  9. Clear cache and verify your toolbar

Enjoy and kindly let me know if you have issues installing plugin on your host.


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  6. I have succeeded in installing and activating the plugin and I have been able to include pictures in my posts – yet the WordPress v 2.2 toolbar is gone and there are no buttons at all.
    When selecting the tab “HTML” there are some buttons for pasting HTML code, including the WPG2-Button for including stuff from Gallery

  7. hey, first of all I will liek to thank you for your plugin which has help me alot on my site.

    However, I have one problem . Which you explain how to fix but still not able to fix the problem .

    I get a error message when I click on my link .

    WordPress Toolbar Plugin Working! Though required parameters are missing.

    This is what I have written on the toolbar setup .


    I have updated to http://pspcustomfirmware.com/wp-content/plugins/wordpress-toolbar/

    but still have not had any luck in fixing the issue .

  8. ok, thanks for the help, I was able to fix the problem …. Thanks for all your help .

    It seem the new version is not compatible with my version of wordpress, But the old version did the trick, Once again thanks for your plug in and everything is fine now.


  9. Toolbar inserts code after each article in the feed, like var wordpress_toolbar_urls = [“http://dyn.www.rayfile.com/zh-cn/accounts/register/”,”http://u.115.com/invite/42b7ce19″,”https://www.box.net/signup/h”,”https://www.dropbox.com/referrals/NTQzNTgxNjg5″,”http://hi.baidu.com/answergen/blog/item/d8f972185df30a4c43a9ad94.html”];var wordpress_toolbar_url = “http://localhost/blog/wp-content/plugins/wordpress-toolbar/toolbar.php”;var wordpress_toolbar_oinw = “n”;var wordpress_toolbar_hash = “aHR0cDovL2xvY2FsaG9zdC9ibG9nLzc3Lmh0bWw8d3B0Yj48d3B0Yj5odHRwOi8vbG9jYWxob3N0L2Jsb2c8d3B0Yj7mnqvoirjlv5c%3D”;

    I think it’s of no use and ugly.

  10. I’m trying this on a WPMU 2.8.6 install. I get the β€œWorking! Though required parameters are missing.” message, but when I look under the WP Admin Settings tab, there’s no WordPress Toolbar settings page to be found. When I try to get there by manually composing the url, I just get redirected back to the Admin.

    Any ideas?

  11. Hey bro can you mail me a detailed .htaccess file to change the outgoing url.
    In your post you explained it but i don’t know how to

    # Enable apache mod_rewrite
    # Add AllowOverride All in your blog virtual host config file and restart apache

    so please send me a detailed .htaccess file

  12. TC


    would it be possible to add a comment count number on the toolbar as well as the ability to let people rate the post directly from the toolbar?

    Keep up the good work Abhinav!

  13. Hey, thx for the excellent plug-in!
    It work perfectly with Firefox and Chrome, but in IE8, the toolbar doesn’t appear and the link turns to be the real link other than mydomain.com/xxxxx . Can this problem be sloved or did I just make some mistakes?

  14. Jay

    Hi there Abhinav, I was wondering if you could help me out?

    I’m using your plugin over on freehugsgaming.com, I’d like to extend the dimensions of the toolbar and add an ad to it though, I’m not familiar with how this works and my fiddling with it hasn’t helped much. How would I go about extending the dimensions of it and where would I put the ad code in order to place a small 200*200 or so ad aligned to the right?

    Additionally, the toolbar isn’t opening up ALL external links at the moment, I don’t want it to open ad links, that’s fine, but I do want it on everything else. If you look to the sidebar of the site titled “recent discussion topics”, none of these reddit links are getting the toolbar.

    I’d be really appreciative of your help, we’re only trying to re-cooperate server costs in what is essentially a not for profit gaming community.

  15. Jay

    Poke. Still trying to find a solution to these issues Abhinav, I’d absolutely love some help.

    Our site is http://www.freehugsgaming.com

    Additionally to the above, youtube links seem to not work at all, and it’s not affecting ALL outbound links, for example if you look in the “recent discussions” widget in the right sidebar, none of those links are using the toolbar.

  16. Jay

    Currently deactivated while we try to get it working, so looking won’t be much help, but if you do want to take a look I can activate it again no problem. We’d really appreciate your help Abhinav.

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