WordPress Toolbar Plugin

WordPress Toolbar Plugin

Checkout WordPress Toolbar Version 2.2 Release Blog.

This plugin is a result of day to day observations of my wordpress blog stat. I analyzed that 75% of my blog’s visitors were leaving my blog posts by clicking one of the out going links either to my code.google project pages or to an external source of information. However, I doubt how many of them were coming back to leave a comment or to bookmark/share my blog post on one of the social bookmarking sites. I can say this because, even I too forget to press the browser back button and visit the blog again.

However I observed that I was clicking the link back on stumble floating toolbars and facebook external links toolbar. And hence came WordPress Toolbar Plugin (upgrade to 2.0 with Admin Panel). In short:


WordPress Toolbar is a unique plugin which will automatically enable a toolbar for all outgoing links from your blog post, similar to stumbleupon and facebook. Often the visitors on your blog clicks one of the outgoing link for more information. However, s/he often forgets to comment back or social bookmark your blog. WordPress toolbar will float on the top of all these outgoing links from your blog post, showing options for either visit back your blog post from where s/he came from, comment back on your blog, social bookmark you blog in one of the famous bookmarking sites and finally an option to leave this toolbar.

This is my first wordpress plugin and I have just got my subversion repository access on wordpress.org. I have checked in this version of plugin and you can download the same from the download link above. You can experience the wordpress toolbar by clicking this link: http://abhinavsingh.com . As you click this, you will see a brownish black toolbar floating at the top of the yahoo.com page using which either the users can come back to comment on this blog post or they can use one of the social bookmarking images to share this blog post.

Introductory Features of WordPress Toolbar:

  1. A link back to your blog home
  2. A link back to your blog post from where he visited the external link
  3. A comment back link to originating blog post
  4. Various social bookmarking links to share, promote and bookmark your blog post
  5. Finally a close button, with which he will exit the wordpress toolbar
  6. An admin panel to configure and customize all of the above options

How to install WordPress Toolbar:

  1. Before proceeding with this version 2.x, you should DEACTIVATE any active 1.x series plugin
  2. Remove /blog/toolbar.php which you must have copied while activating 1.x version
  3. Remove /blog/wp-content/plugins/wp-toolbar directory fully. You will no longer need this
  4. Download the plugin
  5. Extract the plugin into `/wp-content/plugins/wordpress-toolbar` directory
  6. You will see one directory named `extra` which contains required images and css (DO-NOT-TOUCH-THIS-FOLDER)
  7. You will see 2 files named: wp-toolbar.php and toolbar.php (DONT MOVE THEM ANYWHERE)
  8. Activate the plugin
  9. Go to WPAdmin => settings => `wordpress toolbar` and customize the toolbar
  10. Bingo!

Version Change logs:

  1. Version 2.0 : Version was upgraded since 2.0 is a complete overhaul from 1.x series. Specifically it allows you to do the following:
    • You can now use auto upgrade for future releases without caring to move the plugin files everytime
    • Admin panel allows you to fully customize your toolbar
    • You can now ever choose social icons of your choice to be displayed on the toolbar
    • Choose domains for which you don’t want to activate this plugin
    • Unlike 1.x series, 2.0 do not change the href=”” urls. Instead now it uses javascript onclick event to activate toolbar and hence taking care of your SEO needs
  2. Version 1.1 : Include emergency CSS and HTML Validation fixes for IE browsers
  3. Version 1.0 : The first release of wordpress toolbar

Planned Future Releases:

  1. Include support for wordpress blogs hosted on PHP4, currently they are facing issues
  2. Include an options for inserting target=”_blank” for all outgoing links
  3. Club Socialble plugin into wordpress toolbar – Since wordpress toolbar already consists of all the social networking favicons, you may want to have a similar copy for a different plugin. Hence one of the next releases will include support for inserting social icons on your blog
  4. Club Google Analytics plugin into wordpress toolbar – Currently wordpress toolbar plugin inserts a onclick=”” event for all out going links which enables the toolbar for the link. However if you are a user of Google Analytics Plugin, then you might face a few issues. Mainly because Google Analytics Plugin too tries to insert an onclick=”” event for all outgoing links. Which finally clashes with wordpress toolbar onclick=”” event. Clubing both will allow you to enjoy plus points of both the plugins.

Do leave a comment or any suggestion for improvement.


    1. Thanks Rohit, Indeed a nice suggestion. Will surely look to push this for the upcoming releases.

      Important: For those who have downloaded the plugin before this comment of mine, kindly download the same again, since I checked in a hardcoded url’s in the toolbar.php.
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  2. Stephanie

    I’m encountering a problem.  I’m getting:

    You don’t have permission to access /toolbar.php on this server.
    Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.
    Can you help me?  Thanks!

  3. Hi,

    Did you copied toolbar.php file from /blog/wp-content/plugins/wp-toolbar/toolbar.php to /blog/toolbar.php
    Further I hope you are on linux. You will have to set the permissions of toolbar.php to 0755. Also if required change the group settings to same as other files in that folder i.e. same as files under your /blog folder.
    Let me know if you are still having some issues.
  4. Stephanie

    Yes, I copied the toolbar.php and placed it in my root directory.  Should there still be a copy of toolbar.php in the plugin directory?

    I’ve set permission to 755.

    Yes, I am on linux

    Still get the same error.

    Further, I’m getting the same error on another blog on a different hosting company

  5. No there should not be a copy of toolbar.php in the /blog/wp-content/plugins/wp-toolbar/ folder. Further I assume you have renamed wordpress-toolbar to wp-toolbar.

    It’s tough to analyze what’s going on until I see the blog. Can you kindly comment your blog url here or mail me the same. May be you discovered first bug in the plugin.
  6. Hi, this is a MUST HAVE toolbar and i searched a lot and finally a release from you 🙂

    The Plugin is wonderfull but i have one problem.
    I dont know if im the only ony.. but the buttons “comment” “download the plugin” and the “house” button are not showing in INTERNET EXPLORER 7.
    I know that IE su**s but most use it… so take a look and see how u can change that thing…
    Or maybe its only a problem at my broswer…

    Anyways… CONGRA… for ur great Work

  7. Hi Romeo,

    I know this release is still a bit scratchy. I truly didn’t spend much time fitting it for IE’s. And I just noticed it does sucks in IE (I have IE6). I will take it as P1 bug and release a fix for the same asap.
  8. @Stephanie

    I investigated the site link you sent and it seems it has to do something with rewrite rules on your site. Because when i tried simple http://yoursite.org/toolbar.php it works.

    However as soon as I enter a backslash in the url parameter it starts returning 403 forbidden error. For instance:

    Another bug which I found in my plugin is that something like this:
    http://yoursite.org/toolbar.php?url=www.yahoo.com doesn’t work. I shall take care of the same in the coming release, but as far as your site is concerned, it has to do with some kind of rewrite rule somewhere which doesn’t interpret the backslash in the url parameter correctly.

    All the best.
  9. 1. Add <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC “-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN” “http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-strict.dtd”> after the php call.

    2.Get rid of the   <html style=”overflow:hidden”> in toolbar.php, replace it with
    <html xmlns=”http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml” xml:lang=”en” lang=”en”>

    3. Put :
    html {
    In CSS .

    The toolbar.php seems a little bit valid now, but no totally.

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  11. pfff finally after 2 hours of trying everything i’ve got it, it was something in the CSS, it should now work on IE. Just change
    .bookmarks {

    .bookmarks {

    Well, the other tips i’ve given are in moderation because of the links there regarding w3.org

    Now I have a question : How can I disable this plugin for “pages” ( i mean this one: is_page()  )

  12. WOW! The power of opensource. Thanks Partz Partzescu and Mikael for your valuable inputs. I have made the necessary change to the subversion directory and also releasing 1.1 version of the same, since I guess these changes are critical for people.

    As of now I can see unicode issues being solved and IE Problem too has got resolved.
    In next release you all can expect the following:
    1. Skinning of the toolbar
    2. Internationalization (multi language support)
    3. Custom choose your social icons
    4. Custom choose your pages, where you want to have them
    5. If you have sold a link to someone and don’t want it to be toolbared, you can control that too from the admin panel.
    6. Any other enhancement, suggestion which people put forward here.
    Thanks again everyone for suggestions and supporting this,
  13. Abhi,
    The new release is ok with IE 🙂
    THe problem is not showing anymore.
    I’ve testet with Google Chrome too and everything its ok.
    The only problem that i’m having is the problem that Stephanie had or smth like that.
    THe Plugin its ok and funktion ok.
    I have another plugin (Sociable) installed in my Page and as i click over one of them… for ex. Digg…. the button dont bring me to the page to submit the news… but it brings me to the same page of my article….
    Here u can try…
    Go to
    and try to klick the Digg Icon… and dont funktion.. with technorati too, with the first 3 (albanian social network) dont funktion too….
    I think its a conflict with the Sociable Plugin that makes this or maybe i’m wrong too.
    The sociall plugin that i’m using is a self modification of http://yoast.com/wordpress/sociable/ 🙂
    Hoppe u will solve this and im ready to support you for ur next releas for multilanguage (I’m gonna translate it in the Albanian language if u dont mind).


  14. Hi,

    Yeah it is indeed a conflict with the sociable plugin or infact with the way digg takes in the submission url.
    We have something like this for wordpress toolbar:
    and digg submission page have something like this:
    So the wordpress toolbar plugin is currently confused on which url parameter to pick. By default it picks the last one, which is [Your Page] and brings you back to the same page.
    Interesting. Didn’t thought about this. The solution has to be from my side, since digg won’t change the way they take in the url’s 😉
    For a quick hack you proceed as follows:
    1. Go to wp-toolbar.php file under /blog/wp-content/plugins/wp-toolbar/wp-toolbar.php and change the following 3 lines:

    $param = “&from=”.$page_url.”&home=”.$domain.”&hometitle=”.$blogtitle.”&fromtitle=”.$posttitle;
    $param = “&wp-toolbar-from=”.$page_url.”&wp-toolbar-home=”.$domain.”&wp-toolbar-hometitle=”.$blogtitle.”&wp-toolbar-fromtitle=”.$posttitle;
    $html = str_replace(“‘”.$link.”‘”, “‘”.$domain.”/toolbar.php?url=”.$link.$param.”‘”, $html);
    $html = str_replace(“‘”.$link.”‘”, “‘”.$domain.”/toolbar.php?wp-toolbar-url=”.$link.$param.”‘”, $html);
    $html = str_replace(‘”‘.$link.'”‘, ‘”‘.$domain.”/toolbar.php?url=”.$link.$param.'”‘, $html);
    $html = str_replace(‘”‘.$link.'”‘, ‘”‘.$domain.”/toolbar.php?wp-toolbar-url=”.$link.$param.'”‘, $html);
    2. Go to toolbar.php under /blog/toolbar.php and replace $url = $_GET[‘url’] to $url = $_GET[‘wp-toolbar-url’]
    $from = $_GET[‘from’]; to $from = $_GET[‘wp-toolbar-from’];
    $fromtitle = $_GET[‘fromtitle’]; to $fromtitle = $_GET[‘wp-toolbar-fromtitle’];
    $home = $_GET[‘home’]; to $home = $_GET[‘wp-toolbar-home’];
    $hometitle = $_GET[‘hometitle’]; to $hometitle = $_GET[‘wp-toolbar-hometitle’];
    Basically we have appended wp-toolbar- to each and every parameter being passed so that it doesn’t conflict with any other social networking standards.
    I just checked the same on my blog, you may now try hitting the digg button on my blog above to test it.
  15. Shall release a version 1.2 probably tomorrow with these fixes and a few other enhancements. Being my first wordpress plugin, doesn’t help really. Need to learn from these experiences 🙁

    By the way I have made the changes in the SVN Repository and if you download the plugin again after probably 15 minutes, you will get the new updated files in 1.1. May be you don’t want to touch the files yourself 😉

  16. Thx a lot Abhi,

    its not a problem, thats why other tests the Plugin to find the Bugs in it. I will always report if smth happen. 🙂
    The important thing is that u always  Fix the Bugs (very fast) and release a new Version.
    Dont worry.. This Plugin is wonderfull and im sure in the future, with the new releases and fixed bugs, will be very successfull.
    No one is perfect 😛
    I better wait for the new release tomorrow to install it and at the moment im disabling the plugin. 🙂

    p.s As i said send me the language file and i’m gonna translate them into Albanian language and propably in Italian language too (since i know that language very good)
    Email: [email protected]


  17. Only one question… I guess I’m not the only blogger using automatic upgrade for plugins. Will the new versions work with the automatic upgrades? Or will we have to move again toolbar.php to our blog’s home directory?

    Thank you very much 🙂

    By the way… Is the upgraded version coming with options to choose which socials networks to add and to change whats written in the buttons?

    Thank you very much 😀


  18. @Romeo:

    I will release the updated version tomorrow and announce the same here on the blog. Also we will chalk out how to proceed with internationalization.
    If you look at the plugins which you generally install, none of them ask you to place any of their files under /blog/ folder. However since this plugin kindda adds a new page to your blog, I am not sure how to get this working without having to move the toolbar.php file. Automatic upgrade might not work, or you may try auto upgrade and then manually move the toolbar.php file.
    Let me know if there is a better way to do this. I am unaware of any such method as of now.
  19. Great plugin but it interferes with my image links used by the shadowbox plugin.  I use shadowbox plugin for some of my images.  The plugin uses external image links to create a lightbox effect.  It seems your plugin overrides the lightbox effect.

  20. Hi,

    Yes it will override the lightbox if the z-index of the overlaying toolbar is greater than the shadow box. However I think it will only be the top portion where it must be overriding the shadow box. Can you mail me or comment a  link to one of the url’s. 
  21. @John

    I could see your images using the lightbox plugin on both the pages. Probably a problem at your end and not with toolbar compatibility with this plugin. Let me know as you find out anything
    Dood you just ordered the next version of plugin i.e. where you can choose what all pages to exclude this plugin action. Will be out in probably a week or so.
    Though I could’nt replicate the bug, but still a nice suggestion to have an option to skip this toolbar from. I obviously had this option in other form, i.e. skipping a particular domain url (not only your site) from this plugin
    All this has been schedules for the next release, thanks for your patience 😉
  22. @Andy:  add in toolbar.php  after  <head>  following code :
    <meta name=”googlebot” content=”noindex,noarchive,follow” />
    <meta name=”robots” content=”noindex,follow” />
    <meta name=”msnbot” content=”noindex,follow” />
    The toolbar will be seen as a part of you website while linking through the toolbar.php,
    so i really recommend to do it noindexable like i said before. Google doesn’t like iframes,
    but if you say to google that this page is not indexable then it is ok. The “follow” atribute helps
    you distribute the pr that goes out of your page throughout the changed link go back to your site via the
    toolbar link back to you page and article.

    @admin: I don’t want to have a visual except in wordpress, i just want a code or something. I will use for my site your plugin customed by me . You can see a example here : http://malwarecity.lacaterinca.com/toolbar.php , this is a test page, before I upload it on the main page 🙂
    I just want the page I mentioned to be excepted and i don’t know any php, i’m a n00b 🙁

  23. @PartzPartzescu

    Nice one dood, I did liked the skin and the logo on top left. Well in next release when you have an admin panel there again you will be able to configure all this. You will be able to choose components to show, the skin to show etc etc.
    SEO thing, well I m not too sure how much does this effect the SEO. But main purpose of this toolbar was to get your lazy roaming readers back to your site for comments and social bookmarks.
    @Mihai Secasiu
    Nice suggestion! Why not have an option in admin panel to choose between javascript driven version which doesn’t require url change and hence SEO is intact.
    phhhhh….a long list for the next major release. Check out and thank you all for the suggestions and feedbacks
  24. Andy

    I had to delete your toolbar form my page because of those SEO matters. The  javascript suggestion ist very good. You should to this first, changing links ist not every nice and blog user with seo knowledge, wont use the toolbar because of this matter.

    I love your toolbar and the idea, I will use it when javascript is enabled, all the best for you and your nice plugin.

  25. Nodi

    Hi, I m fortunate to have stumbled upon your plugin. Really awesome. Just followed the conversation above and I see some people pointing to the SEO degradation by this plugin, but as far as I know, search engines will go down to toolbar iframes and pick the outlinked url’s from there.

    Anyways I am sure you must be working upon the javascript section of this plugin too, which will satisfy all. Looking forward to the next major release.

  26. Hi, I could have helped only if you could have given me the url to your blog 😛 If you look at the thread above Stephanie too had the same issues and after inspection we found it’s because of the rewrite rules on your server. 

    Read my comments above in reply to Stephanie’s problem, where a backslash in the url parameter (?wp-toolbar-url=http://…..) is not allowed on her server. I am pretty sure same is the case with you. However I can investigate more only if you can mail or post you blog url.
    Regarding the admin panel, its already on the way out. Probably a week patience and all issues will be fixed 😀
  27. Introducing WordPress Toolbar 2.0

    After some hard work I am glad to announce 2.0 version of wordpress toolbar which is a major overhaul from 1.x series. For more details read the change log description in the post above.
    Read how to install 2.0 which will require you to completely deactivate 1.x series plugin.
    Key Features:
    1. Admin Panel for all the control you wanted to have.
    2. Allows you to exclude domains of your choice from being toolbared
    2. SEO Restoration: Now plugin won’t change the target url in your post, but use javascript to open the link in the toolbar. Hence your SEO is intact.
    Let me know of any bug if you encounter.
  28. Nodi

    You simply rock, I didn’t expected you to release such a major change within 2 days. I am sure now this plugin is going to hit big. All the best and a big thank for your wonderful work.

  29. Abhi,
    Wonderfull Job but i dont know why i’m having problems.
    I just installed and activated it and it doesn’t funktion. It don’t shows to the outgoing links.
    With Firefox i’m having 1 problem. Whenn i click a article in my blog it shows the toolbar but only the “Get this Toolbar” button.
    With IE happen nothing…

  30. I was reluctant to use your earlier version of the plugin as i was not sure it effect on  search engine rankings as you were changing the urls.
    But, now i will use this on all my blogs. 🙂
    It would be gr8 if u can extend this toolbar to every outgoing link on the blog.

  31. Hey just a few curious questions:

    1. Did you installed 2.0 after reading the installation docs in read me. It’s quite important
    2. Secondly, can you go to the admin panel and press update options once. 
    3. Finally I see your pages already have an onclick event for all the links and this can be a problem. Since the newer version simply tries to use onclick event, it can be a potential problem.
    BTW can you try (1) and (2) and let me know.
  32. Hallo Abhi,
    Yeah  i installed it withouth changing anything and update throught the admin panel.
    I have deleted all the previous versions but the problem that i told u before consists.. and i dont know why…
    And what do u meain onclick event on my page.. sorry but i dont understand that really…

  33. I get this error on the Admin setting page after installing (WP 2.7.0 & K2 theme):

    Fatal error: Cannot instantiate non-existent class: directoryiterator in /home/georg35/public_html/blog/wp-content/plugins/wordpress-toolbar/wp-toolbar.php on line 97

  34. Romeo I just found out the problem. If you view the source of the page and see the source of the outbound links, it has 2 onclick events….
    So I can see google analytics and wordpress toolbar both plugins inserting an onclick event and for some reason wordpress toolbar onclick event is disabled.Can you try deactivating google analyics plugin and clear your cache.

  35. Depends again on your host. But mostlty your host will have to upgrade this for you, Just post a support ticket with your hosting provider and see if they can do something for you. 

    If you are for some reasons unable to switch to PHP5, i will try to send in a customized copy for PHP4. But if you can get that, nthing better than tht.
  36. I will have to check on the PHP 4/5 issue, I have to request to be moved to a new server for this and I think I recall there being an issue with moving to PHP 5 for me, will look into it.

    Otherwise, great to see the progress on this plugin, sems like the new features are excellent! Thanks again.

  37. @George and @Mikael

    Yeah the next release will include the following:
    1. Support for wordpress blogs hosted on PHP4
    2. An option to insert target=”_blank” on all outgoing link
    And in future release I am planning to have following plugins clubbed into wordpress toolbar:
    1. Socialble – Because you already have all the favicon images on your server, you may want to avoid a same copy for different plugin
    2. Google Analytics Plugin – Since wordpress toolbar current inserts a onclick=”” event for all outgoing links, it is clashing with the google analytics plugin. As a result one of the next releases will allow you to club functionlity of google analytics plugin with wordpress toolbar plugin.
    Basically wordpress toolbar will grow 2 times bigger 😀
  38. Feedback:               <a href=”<?php echo $fromurl; ?>/#comments” style=”padding-left:4px; background:transparent url(<?php echo $extra; ?> doesn’t work correctly on my site, i have to delete the slash like this :               <a href=”<?php echo $fromurl; ?>#comments” style=”padding-left:4px; background:transparent url(<?php echo $extra; ?>

    I also have another blog on wich comments are replaced with respond like this:               <a href=”<?php echo $fromurl; ?>#respond” style=”padding-left:4px; background:transparent url(<?php echo $extra; ?>


  39. It works ok in IE, was my fault. But i recommend to change & in &amp; here (already changed): $goto = $toolbar.”?wp-toolbar-tourl=”.$link.”&amp;wp-toolbar-fromurl=”.$post_url.”&amp;wp-toolbar-fromtitle=”.addslashes($post_title).”&amp;wp-toolbar-blogurl=”.$blog_url.”&amp;wp-toolbar-blogtitle=”.addslashes($blog_title);

  40. Hello again! I didnt upgraded to version 2.0 yet. Maybe tomorrow @ work ;P  One more sugestion: Instead of only giving users the choice of social networks to be displayed in the toolbar, give them a option to upload social network icons and chose the URL format, so they can add MORE social networks, especially if they live a country with several small social networks heheheheheh!


  41. Martin

    First and foremost, let me say his is a great plugin with a huge potential: catching readers “on the go” is an excellent idea, far less obtrusive than greeting modules or such. I love the concept.

    The exceution, however, has me surprised. Out of curiosity, is there a particular reason why the plugin rewrites the actual links (the href in its first incarnation, now the onClick handler) instead of setting a mod_rewrite() rule? This would seem to be far less likely to clash with elements already in the links (you could still use the JS handlers as a fallback where mod_rewrite is not supported, though this seem sto be less and less frequent these days) and also have less impact on page loading times, as the Apache handler would only kick in when the link is actually called? Just wondering :).

  42. Hi Martin,

    Thanks for your great feedback and suggestion.
    I have added this in the wishlist for the next release, however I would still continue with support of tampering onclick event. Mainly because:
    1. As I can see from people mailing me or commenting here, most of them are on shared/freehost where they really don’t have the freedom to do so.
    2. For instance, we have 2-3 commentors who can’t move to PHP5 from PHP4.
    So great input, will probably put an option in admin panel of wordpress toolbar, which will allow you to choose the option you want to move ahead with. (Apache Rewrite or Javascript Enabled)
  43. Also it just came to my mind, for blog owners who sell links and don’t want to put those sold links under the toolbar, setting up an apache rewrite rule can be a pain in the ass. Relatively specifying the domain names they want to skip in the admin panel might be more easy.

    Any suggestions?
  44. Martin

    Abhi, I agree offering both options would probably be best: mod_rewrite for those who can use it (which would avoid all link tampering incompatibilities), basically being set and forget where it is supported and the JS onClick mechanism (with all warts) where it is not.

    The exceptions to mod_rewrite rules could be derived from the same list in the admin panel the JS rules use. I can’t suggest code, not being WP / PHP savvy enough for it, but I know this is possible, and would point you to John Godley’s stellar <a href=”http://urbangiraffe.com/plugins/redirection/”>Redirection</a> plugin, which manages to configure mod_rewrite through the WP admin panel. So, by the way, does WP itself, as it uses mod_rewrite to allow for fancy permalinks. As to setting up domain names and hiding the complexities from the user, that could be easily achieved through mod_rewrite’s regex support: basically, let the user input a domain, and sanitize and wrap it up in rewrite rule behind the scene :).

  45. Plugin Update:

    Finally nailed down the problem Romeo was having. Basically plugin had wp_options table name hard coded in toolbar.php , hence causing problem for those user who have changed the prefix of their tables for security reasons.
    I have checkedin the changes i.e. replaced wp_options with {$wpdb->options} and hence will be fine now. You may download the latest 2.0 which will reflect the changes.
    Thanks to zteo who blogged about this issue.
  46. @PartzPartzescu I’m not talking about subscribption to this post. I subscribed to it to receive updates when new comments are posted. But the author decided to send me another spammy email to let me know he released version 2.0
    I didn’t request such am email and was clearly automated.
    starting with “Hey Thr”  and sent from author’s email with To: header set to the same address ( not mine )

  47. version 2.0 is cool because of the javascript but I have 1-2 problems with it.
    1) when I click wordpress toolbar in settings a blank page comes up, no configuration available
    2) is it possible to exclude certain links and/or domains from applying the toolbar to them. For example twitter.com which decided to stop working when called from a iframe.

  48. Here’s one more problem.
    Since I installed this toolbar my “visits” number as recorded by wordpress stats plugins have more then doubled.
    I really doubt this is only because some users might come back from the toolbar. I’m guessing it’s because the toolbar makes some extra requests to wordpress and they get recorded by the stats plugin.
    I hate being lied to by the stats … yeah I know “there are 3 types of lies: lies, damn lies and statistics” but still … 🙂

  49. Hi Mihai,

    First thing First, Yes I indeed sent a mail to all commentors here while releasing v2.0. I have a custom plugin for me using which I can do so to notify commentors about any such releases. I do the same for my open sourced JAXL client library too, and never thought it will be a matter of concern, since you are already subscribed to comments here. Anyways I will take a few lessons from here.
    Secondly, You said you see a blank page?? Didn’t get you, Everyone is getting a page titled WordPress Toolbar Administration, where they can configure the toolbar, decide what all links to exclude e.g. twitter. Kindly check the way toolbar plugin 2.0 has to be installed and you will get all the configuration options under settings tab.
    Finally, yes this toolbar is made to increase your traffic by bringing back the outgoing reader. This toolbar doesn’t make any call itself to the wordpress servers to increase your stats. E.g when a reader is on the toolbar.php page, it is not counted as your blog visit, only when he comes back to your post, it is counted as an additional visit.
    So there is no lie, damn lie stats here 😀
  50. 1) rule #1 of automated mailings :
    “never send me anything I haven’t subscribed to receive” or else it’s spam,  don’t care what the law says that you can send and allow opt out (btw you didn’t even had that in your email ) and other bullshit like that . If i didn’t specifically requested it and it’s automatic/non personal then it’s spam. I’m sure there are others that feel the same way even though they didn’t express their opinion.

    2 ) I installed 2.0 by upgrading from 1.1 automatically through wp admin . The upgrade seemed to work fine ( no errors 🙂 ) .  Then I even removed the old plugin and installed the new one.
    But then I found this in the logs:
    PHP Fatal error:  Class ‘DirectoryIterator’ not found in public_html/wp-content/plugins/wordpress-toolbar/wp-toolbar.php on line 97

    3) I would like to know that my visits counter doubled over night but that’s just not the reason. I’m also using google analytics on the same blog ( yeah I’m a stats addict 🙂 ) and they show me the same numbers but with google analytics I was able to actually look at the exact pages where the visits occurred and I see a huge “long tail” filled with links like this :
    /outgoing/ff.im/Krkk  or /outgoing/blog.makezine.com and any other link my visitors clicked. Now those are clearly pages generated by the toolbar and if the google analytics plugin recorded them I bet the wp stats plugin records them too but they are not really visits.

  51. Hi Mihai,

    1) I won’t comment, let leave it over here
    2) I specifically mentioned how to upgrade to 2.x version from 1.x I don’t gaurantee fine working of plugin if you are not following the install guidelines. I had specifically mentioned not to upgrade using wp-admin, but once you are on 2.x, upgrading from wp-admin will work fine.
    3) /outgoing/ff.im/Krkk  or /outgoing/blog.makezine.com are not generated by wordpress toolbar plugin. A recorded page by google analytics will look like this : http://yourblog.com/wp-content/plugins/wordpress-toolbar/toolbar.php?….. and not the one you gave. BTW I don’t see any sudden doubling of my blog visitors, and not sure whats the issue with your blog is. May be try installing the way described above and it might help.

    All the best.
  52. First doubt is: do you have google analytics plugin installed? If yes that currently wordpress toolbar is having compatibility issues with it, and will be solved in one of the upcoming releases.

    Second, can you send me one post of yours where you have an external link. I tried 3-4 pages on your site but couldn’t find a post linking to an external site. Kindly comment one or mail me one so that i can confirm on the issue.
  53. Hey rman, 

    You can have google analytics for your website, but wordpress toolbar is not compatible with google analytics plugin which basically inserts an onclick=”” event for all outgoing links. Do you have google analytics plugin installed?
    Further I saw the link, and couldn’t find any outgoing link from within the post. WordPress toolbar currently doesn’t apply toolbar for links in the sidebar. It applies toolbar only on the outgoing links in the main post.
  54. rman

    I don’t have the analytics plugin, just the code in the footer.
    Check at the comments , the gravatar link

    What about the adsense ads? When someone click on them the toolbar works? and if works its ok with the google tos?

  55. Good, if you don’t have analytics plugin it will work without fail. However it don’t work for sidebars, comments or any other link anywhere. Currenlty it is only configured for outgoing links in your posts only. For example see the http://yahoo.com link in my post above. It will work there but not for the yahoo link in this comment.

    This plugin is still not in a fully matured state and it will have all configurable options in upcoming releases.
  56. Garvin

    I’m very interested in using this plugin, but unfortunately am having a bit of an issue right from the get go and am looking for suggestions of getting past this. I just installed and activated version 2.0, and when I go into the settings page, I get the following error, which means I’m not even able to test it:

    Fatal error: Cannot instantiate non-existent class: directoryiterator in /homepages/36/d105944992/htdocs/{site-name}/wp/wp-content/plugins/wordpress-toolbar/wp-toolbar.php on line 97″

  57. Hi guyz! it’s a good plugin, but i’m having some troubles, when I click on the “external link” it shows a blank page.
    You can try to this page http://googlehackworld.com/wp-content/plugins/wordpress-toolbar/toolbar.php 
    it doesn’t show anything…
    Sorry for my bad english but i’m italian…

  58. Hello Terramel,

    Well the 2.x version of toolbar is totally dependent upon onclick event. So if user right clicks and select open in a new tab, toolbar will not be active.
    User needs to click the link for activating the toolbar. BTW have you upgraded to version 2.x ?

  59. wow, thats something 🙂 Your wordpress version seems to be 2.7.X series, and thats what i used to develop this plugin. Thanks for the pic shot, but i would have loved to also see the browser url you had when u clicked settings>>wordpress toolbar.

    But the good news is that when i try to visit this on your site:
    I am taken to an expected wordpress toolbar enabled page.
    Can you kindly tell me the browser url when u click settings>>wordpress-toolbar?
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  61. Probably you didn’t read the previous comments. The plugin currently requires PHP v5 to run successfully. You seem to have PHP v4.

    If possible kindly upgrade to PHP5 which is always better, else wait till the next release which will solve this problem for you and others.
  62. I read through them and couldn’t find it, looking back over it all I found it easily..
    Sorry about that but thank you for the quick response!

    I actually cannot upgrade to PHP5 since I am with Yahoo! but I look forward to your next release!

  63. I installed the plugin today and configured it. Nothing happens different than before when I click on external links. I do have a lot of stuff in my .htaccess. Maybe that is causing the problem. Any ideas?

  64. Hi Abhi, thanks for awsome plugin…
    i tried to install your toolbar v2 plug-in but nothing is working.. may be because of Google Analytics installed on it.

    can you guide me.. how do i activate with google analytics ?

  65. Hi Neepra,

    In it’s current version, it is not possible to run wordpress toolbar plugin with google analytics plugin. I am trying to get in touch with google analytics plugin maker, so that they can update their plugin so that it can be worked with other such plugins too.
    Anyways the solution for now is, you can deactivate your google analytics plugin and directly put your google analytics code in your footer. This was you will still be gathering your site analytics and also have wordpress toolbar installed.
    Lemme know if i can be of any other help.
  66. Hi Neepra,

    Actually you got it all wrong. The plugin will insert toolbar for all outgoing links in your posts. But not elsewhere in its current karma.
    Probably in future releases I will include options to enable toolbar for all other places.
  67. I’m having an issue with outgoing links to a forum, I can tell its not a direct problem with the plugin but partially with the forum itself generating a dynamic link to track referrals. Here’s what I mean.


    The proper url its supposed to go to is http://www.eveonline.com/ingameboard.asp?a=topic&threadID=1037737

    Let me know if there’s a quick fix for this.

  68. Hi I have this problem at the beginning of my post, as it can solve:
    Warning: strstr() [function.strstr]: Empty delimiter in /home/movilevo/public_html/wp-content/plugins/wordpress-toolbar/wp-toolbar.php on line 317

    Warning: strstr() [function.strstr]: Empty delimiter in /home/movilevo/public_html/wp-content/plugins/wordpress-toolbar/wp-toolbar.php on line 317

    Or check the post; http://movilevolutions.com/juegos/240-x-320/angeles-y-demonios-multiresolucion-y-multilenguaje/

    the same message comes in every post, please help me…

  69. Hi Arthas,

    Thanks for reporting the issue.
    I am currently not at my workplace, so I am not sure why is it happening for you, but I guess you have removed your blog domain name from “Exclude domains” section in the admin panel. Can you try putting atleast one domain name in that section, in case there is nothing in that box.
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  71. @B. Hanilgi

    Recently i have been concentrating on some other projects, hence couldn’t take this plugin forward. Will release the hack for php v 4 users soon
    The plugin works perfectly on wp v 2.7. My blog is still on v 2.7 and hence didn’t tested the plugin on v 2.7.1. Will send across an updates soon
    @Preben. J
    If you are a wp developer, you can try hacking the plugin for sidebar links. Shouldn’t be a problem. Otherwise gimme a week or so and I will try to put in all the requested hacks above.
  72. Hi ExtraTuts,

    You actually found this at the right time. Coming weekend I am releasing a new version of wordpress toolbar plugin which will solve this issue and a couple others like PHP4 compatibility.

    Also it will add tinyurl and sociable integration. So keep an eye, currently testing the plugin on development box 😀

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  74. WordPress Toolbar plugin works fine with links inside the posts but does not work on icons on the sidebar or other links outside the text. How can I set them up in a way they work with external links outside the main text?

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  76. First of All i am Really Proud that an Indian has done this ! Second can you tell me instead of displaying post title how can i display breadcrumb navigation it would look just very cool like in in.com and instead of showing so many icons just display a sharethis button which provides many more options for social bookmarking i plus a voting icon i will be very thankful if u  can reply to my email mittal.ankur1988 at gmail dot com

  77. @admin,
    done, I even set a page with a few links so you could try it out. I hope it doesn’t take too long because visitors would be getting this error while the plugin is activated.
    ps. I think it may be something with the webhost but maybe you could find a fix for this.
    Thank you for your time

  78. Sculley

    Thanks so much for these plugins!

    I added “sociable” to my site that has a static homepage and other static pages.  The toolbar/icons are showing at the bottom of every page.  How do I make it show on my blog page and posts only?

  79. Sculley

    Can anyone help?
    I added “sociable” to my site that has a static homepage and other static pages.  The toolbar/icons are showing at the bottom of every page.  How do I make it show on my blog page and posts only?

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  81. Sculley

    Is new release out?  If not, maybe I’m missing something.  Surely, others have their homepage and other pages static.  I wonder if they’ve figured out how to not put the icons on those pages.

  82. how can i..stop my ads to open in a new window as this is violating TOS of my ads provider.
    N yes..your exclusion of hosts doesn’t work for me..temme if i’m doing something wrong..m placing urls with comma but still none of them is working for me..!!

  83.  I have the same problem as the poster above in that it installed correctly, the links appear at the bottom of the post but the toolbar fails to make its appearance.

    And just what is “clubbing” google analyticator and wordpress toolbar.? how do you do that? saw no option in the admin screen.
    Thx for your time!

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  86. @All

    Anyone ready to contribute and help in plugin translation. Any language which you think this plugin should have support for will do.

    I am planning a new release in coming weekend and hopefully you will see all the fixes requested above and through emails.

    If we can have a few translations by then, we can wrap them up for the coming release. Your name and link to ur blog/twitter goes with the plugin release. Will be displayed on the admin panel.

    1. Thanks abhi for quick response.

      I will give it a try in coming weekend.

      And, if I am not wrong, you are from Banglore.

      (And I can translate it in hindi, if you want. Though there is limited use for hindi plugin, considering few popular hindi blogs.)

  87. Hi Abhinav,

    Great plug-in – very useful. I was wondering if there is a way to include the blog title in the tool bar? On my site I have link to Ditka’s Chicago, and that happens to be the title of my post. Consequently it makes the toolbar look like it is part of the Ditka’s Chicago site, and not Big Beef and Beer.

    Warm Regards,

    1. What kind of assistance are you looking for Greg? I have done a few customization for quite a few websites like adding blog logo, adding “i like” functionality on the toolbar etc. If you have a requirement as specific as this, you may probably want to go for a custom toolbar skin.

      From version 2.1 toolbar allow you to have your own custom plugin if you can develop one. Checkout 2.1 release blog for more details.

  88. Hi, great plugin but it doesn’t work for me!
    I use wordpress 2.9 with toolbar version 2.1.1 and I followed exactly the installation guidelines.
    From the admin panel it looks like to be everything ok but when I activate the plugin nothing happens.
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Nicola,

      Well there has been some compatibility issues. For e.g. if you have google analytics plugin installed too, it conflicts with wordpress toolbar and hence doesn’t work.

      I am moving to javascript based solutions so that it always work, no matter what other plugin you have.

      I have the modified version currently installed on my blog. Using firebug you can see now wordpress toolbar no longer alter your anchor tag. Also next version will allow you to enable toolbar on various sections of your blog including comments and sidebars.

    2. I tried to disable every plugins I installed until come back to the default pure installation, but it still doesn’t work.
      I have no toolbar’s code on my local page since I think it is disabled due to some strange resons.
      I really don’t know how to debug the problem!
      Anyhow I’m not in a hurry, so I could wait for the next release if you think it will solve my problems.
      Alternatively I could try to solve it myself if you give me some good tips.
      Thanks again.

    1. Hey andy thanks for bringing that to my notice. I didn’t knew this and don’t understand still how is it happening for that particular blog post.

      Since how many days are you noticing this. Seems like some javascript is redirecting the page or probably some other mystery. On to it, thanks again.

  89. Hello,

    I have a plugin that uses this to make a slider drop down and expose content.


    Is there a way to ignore these?

    I tried adding that in my ignore list with other domains separated by a comma but it didnt work.

    Please advise.


    1. Thanks for your quick response. You can see the only post I have on my site I listed with this comment. I will be removing that blog soon and moving it someplace else after I have tested the plugins I am looking to use.

      Thanks again. I hope you are able to create a fix for this so I can use the wp toolbar. I love it.


  90. First of all awesome plugin by review it on other sites but This plugin not working on my site. I dunno why? I installed correctly then went to options but nothing seems to work all out links are same as they were. No tool bar shown on other site. What can this cause?

    1. Hi Mandeep,

      I think it’s a classic case of cross plugin compatibility. I can see a lot of other js loaded on your blog page (e.g. external tracking) which also try to modify onclick action.

      Kindly try to deactivate those plugins and see if it works.

  91. Hi!

    I was messing around the with style.css file, making the tool bar bigger, and got the look I was seeking. My only problem is the social media icons are no way up to the top, like the padding is “0”. Where in the CSS can middle-align them to line up next to the comment back button?


    1. Hi Thomas,

      Sorry abt the late reply (on vacation nowadays).

      Well this plugin suffers from cross plugin compatibilities which i intend to solve in future release. Google analytics is one common plugin which causes this issue. Also can you enable the plugin and send me the link so that i can cross verify from here.

  92. Is there a 3.0 plugin available yet? I have installed the lastest and greatest WP and I have not installed this plugin as of yet, but what it does is something that I would like to see on the site. So any updates on this would be appreciated.

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  94. First, I’m sorry, but I speak very little English.

    Then, before you ask a question, I wanted to congratulate you on your very useful plug-in.

    My question:

    Is it possible to hide the URL that shows the location of the plug-in when you click on a link? And to have something other than: … / wp-content / plugins / wordpress-toolbar / toolbar.php? …

    For I think this is a weak point for security blog. In addition, it created some problems if one wishes to remain anonymous on the plug-ins that are used.

    Again sorry for the mistakes I certainly do so by writing in your beautiful language.

    Thank you in advance for your reply.

  95. hi it is great plugin but i have a problem with it

    in category page i found this lines written after the summary of my posts

    var wordpress_toolbar_urls = [];var wordpress_toolbar_url = “http://games.s7s7.org/wp-content/plugins/wordpress-toolbar/toolbar.php”;var wordpress_toolbar_oinw = “oinw”;var wordpress_toolbar_hash = “aH

    how can i remove these lines

    you can check it yourself at


    my wp is 3

    waiting your replay

  96. is there my problem? yes

    You don’t have permission to access /toolbar.php on this server.
    Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

    Why? Is there a simple solution?

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