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Flickr, Facebook and now Orkut. One by One everyone has implemented the photo tagging feature into their social network. Initially introduced by Flickr, extended by Facebook and finally Orkut was forced to implement it too.

Last night I tried to look into it to found out what does it take to make one and I was able to comeup with something like this. Probably a little different from the one's implemented by others in the sense that you just have to do the first click and then the second click, and you are done. No mouse-press and drag thing needed.

Now without much of a talking, lets first see a demo of how it works and then probably I will write a few words on how to implement the same:

Note: How it works? Unlike Facebook and Orkut, I have implemented this in a little different manner. You just need to click once, and then no need to keep your mouse pressed. Freely move to the another place and click again and thats it, you have selected your photo tagging area and ready to tag it.

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Drawbacks: However the drawback of this phototagging API is that if someone has tagged the photo using a monitor which have a different screen resolution than yours, then probably you might not see the tag exactly at the right place. This bug exists in Facebook too, haven't checked with Orkut yet.

Where is the API? Well, you must be wondering why am I using the term API again and again, and even if I am where is the API. I will say, still working on it and will be released probably in a few weeks. The API will be an easy to plugin widget for your website. You will just need to provide the id value of your image, and the API will make your website ready for photo tagging. I have provided this demo, so that with your valuable feedbacks I can improve the upcoming API.

Meanwhile feel free to leave a comment or two at my blog here.

Also feel free to discuss any flaws which you may find in the implemented API above.

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