Open Source – A lightweight, single file HTTP proxy server in Python

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Back in 2014, while working at Appurify Inc. (now Firebase Test Lab) I came across a very interesting problem. To build some context, Appurify enabled mobile test automation on real devices for mobile teams to build better apps. Companies would upload their .apk (Android app) and .ipa (iOS app) files on Appurify servers and configure various test profiles (Network, Memory, GPS etc conditions) to perform wide-scale testing on Appurify mobile devices. This allowed developers to catch bugs and other performance issues on devices they can’t test themselves. In several cases, developers wanted their uploaded (unreleased) mobile apps to communicate with under-development server-side modules […]

Open Source

Back to blogging: What to expect

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Hello Readers, I started this blog as a way to share my experiments and experiences while learning web development and computer science in general. In the first 2 years (between Apr’08 and Aug’10) I wrote as many as 100 blog posts. Quite a frenzy. Ever since, I only managed to write 5-6 posts in the following 4 years, about nearly 45 drafts which may now never get published. Good thing is that, I am back to blogging, which means a lot to share. Briefly, here is what (or what not) to expect in the future posts: PHP – In past, PHP has dominated the […]