Life in Bangalore after IIT Guwahati

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Bangalore, Bangalore, Bangalore !!! This was what everyone wished for in their final year at IIT Guwahati. Everyone wanted to get a job in one of the multinational firms in Bangalore and like everyone else, this was what I longed for and got too! After a long wait for my joining letter,  I was finally asked to join my present employer on 21st June, 2007 and if I can recall correctly, it was on 19th June, 2007 that I landed in Bangalore. First trip to Bangalore (2002): It wasn’t for the first time, that I was visiting Bangalore. I came […]


Me, Music and Guitar : How it all started : Part 1

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A things I can’t live without, apart from my parents, love and friends will be guitar and music that will make to the list. But I was never a born musician. There were friends of mine (Amit Chandra aka Candy and Navneet Singh aka Noni) from school days who used to play old country stuff along with Lucky Ali and K.K. but I was always a part of audience then. My first real introduction to music was done while I was preparing for JEE examination (25th December 2002). By then Candy and Noni had moved from the world of Lucky […]