How to perform X-FACEBOOK-PLATFORM and Google Talk X-OAUTH2 XMPP authentication with PHP Jaxl library

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Ever since Jaxl library first introduced support for X-FACEBOOK-PLATFORM XMPP authentication mechanism, it has changed significantly. Also, Google Talk now supports OAuth 2.0 Authorization, an XMPP extension to allow users to log in using OAuth 2.0 credentials. Both these mechanisms are a big win for XMPP developers, since real-time conversation experience can now be provided to their application users without asking them for their passwords. In this blog post, I will demonstrate how to perform X-FACEBOOK-PLATFORM and X-OAUTH2 XMPP authentication mechanism using Jaxl v3.x PHP Library. X-FACEBOOK-PLATFORM XMPP Authentication Here is a quick guide on how to perform X-FACEBOOK-PLATFORM XMPP...

How to use JAXL (Jabber XMPP Library in PHP) to import Gtalk contacts of any user

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JAXL is an open source Jabber XMPP Client library written in PHP. It provides a self titled class JAXL which implements XMPP protocol. It can be extended to write custom event handler for every message or presence received. Developers are using JAXL for developing real time applications. Checkout 5 exciting gaming bots you can make using JAXL. However one thing which goes un-noticed is that JAXL can also be used to import Gtalk contacts of any user. This is infact one of the very first thing which JAXL class do, after successful authentication with the Gtalk servers i.e. import the...

How to broadcast a message to your Gtalk friends using JAXL?

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In this era of social media we all look forward to easy and utility tools to easily market our site and blogs. In this post I will demonstrate a ready to use script, which will help you broadcast your message to everyone on your gtalk friend list in one go. jaxl4broadcast.class.php jaxl4broadcast.class.php is an extension of JAXL library. This extension simply saves all your buddy list in an array while connecting with Gtalk servers, and then send out your custom message to all of them in one go. The code that will do the task: function setStatus() { $this->sendStatus($this->status); print...

Programatically control your google mails using JAXL v 1.0.4

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Google has released an API for almost all of their products including maps, feedburner and gadgets. However one of the API's which every developer would have loved to make use of is "Google Mail API" which is still missing (available for premium google apps user only). Here in this post I would demonstrate how one can programatically control his/her google mails using JAXL without being a premium user of google mail account. For those who have landed on this post straight and have little knowledge about what JAXL is "JAXL stands for Jabber XMPP Library and for fun you may...

How to get dzone feeds as IM using JAXL? Add [email protected]

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The most funny part of knowing XMPP protocol is that you can execute all your daily web needs using it. Be it playing anagram online or achieving your status messages. And your life gets easy if you are using an XMPP Client Library like JAXL. Here I have tried to create a simple bot which allows you to read newest links posted on dzone category wise. Simply add [email protected] in your gtalk messenger and start by typing options. Available options are: frontpage: Will send you latest links on frontpage. queue: Will send you latest links in queue. tag: Send in...

Introducing JAXL – Open Source Jabber XMPP Library

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Introduction JAXL stands for "Jabber XMPP Library". For fun, it stands for "Just Another XMPP Library" This library currently supports following features: Connect to a Jabber Server (e.g. Gtalk) TLS Encryption DIGEST-MD5 and PLAIN authentication mechanisms Roster Support Library comes with the following class files: config.ini.php : Holds your jabber account and mysql connection information mysql.class.php : Basic MySQL connection class used to insert received messages and presence into MySQL database logger.class.php : A very basic logger class which allows you to log all XML stanza's send and received from jabber server xmpp.class.php : Base XMPP class library which implements...

[email protected] – Online gaming enabled on Gtalk

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Anagram, many of you might be familiar with it or even played many a times back in school and colleges. Its a simple text based game, where you are given a jumbled word and you need to re-arrange it. E.g. You will be given huldos and you need to quickly identify that as should. So getting bored back in college or office, add [email protected] and type anagram to start gaming. Play and score well. Your score will turn up on the Gtalkbots front page. They have kept this game open for the world i.e. one can play this game even...

Save your and your friend’s status messages. Share and promote your website through your status

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Hello Everyone, Here is this new website which help you save your and your friends Gtalk status messages. It also provides a social bookmarking feature with a different edge. Are you fed up with posting your website and blogs at, delicious, stumble or any other such site there. If not, you must surely be fed up with the hard work you need to do to make sure your link reach out to millions out there. Well through this site, you just need to put your blog and site link as your gtalk status message and this site will ...

GTalk Status Message Collector

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Hello Everyone, I have started , based on the example demonstrated here. Try out and Help spreading the word. I am not a big fan of twitter, but after I heard they do something similar to what I will be demonstrating here. I thought of building this one out. So here is my demo application, also known as GTalk Chat Bot. Do the following things to get started: Add [email protected] in your GTalk Messenger. It will collect your status messages as and when you change them. You can view all your status messages by visiting this URL :

Critical Bug in Gmail integrated Chat

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Well chat is a part of our day to day life (I use Gtalk). While chatting with my friends today who were using gmail integrated chat, I noticed that they were going offline every 2-3 minutes. Finally thanks to Sowmya Sudha, who came up with this critical bug in Gmail integrated chat. Here is what exactly happens when you chat using Gmail integrated chat: Step 1: You open up a chat window to start chatting Step 2: Pop out the chat box to get more space for writing and reading messages Step 3: Now for some reason you decide to...