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Getting started with Autotools – GNU Build System on Debian

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If you eat and drink open source, chances are high that you might have downloaded an open source project code, only to see files like: aclocal.m4, configure.ac, Makefile.am, Makefile.in and what not. You might have also used commands like ./configure, make etc but what are these files? Does they really belong to the project you download? Do I need to understand them? In this blog post I look forward to answer all your question, as well as introduce you to not so popular Autotools – A GNU Build System. Setting up Autotools on Debian? Before we go ahead and understand […]


Memcached and “N” things you can do with it – Part 1

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In my last post MySQL Query Cache, WP-Cache, APC, Memcache – What to choose, I discussed in brief about 4 caching technologies which you might have used knowingly or unknowingly. Towards the end we came to a conclusion that memcached is the best caching solution when you are looking for speed and number of hits per second. By my experience, memcached is capable of handling more than a 100 Million PV’s per month without any problem. However, towards the end I did also discussed why memcached is unreliable and unsecure. In this post I will dig a level deeper into […]