How to get started with web development?

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Many of my friends have asked me on how to start with web development. I am not expert but here in this post I would like to describe a few steps that might help one climb the ladder of web development fast. Kindly feel free to add to this blog post if you think some other methodology might be better off. Where do I start web development? Well the first and best place to start web development is your own system. Yes your very own personal computer. You don't need a server on internet to start with. Infact I worked...

Altertunes featured in

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Hello All, Yesterday Altertunes was featured and reviewed by This is first ever coverage of Altertunes over web. To read more on the same visit: To have a look at "In conversion with Abhinav Singh, Founder of" visit: Many thanks to Pravin Karoshi for covering Altertunes on

My journey with Music and Altertunes

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Hey there ! Its been close to 5 years now, since I first plucked the guitar strings and close to 3 years since I started working in the field of Music Information Retrieval and Audio Processing Technologies. Overall I can say that, the better half of my life has been ruled by Music in the past 5 years or so, and it continues to do so in the form of Launched on 1 April, 2008, Altertunes is a social utility that helps people find their favorite music more easily and efficiently. It all started about 6 months back in...