SEO Analyzer – Version 1.1 – What’s New?

SEO Analyzer – Version 1.1 – What’s New?

While SEO Analyzer v 1.0 focused primarily on getting page ranks and analyzing back links to your site url, SEO Analyzer v 1.1 adds another feather to the cap. It allows you to achieve following analysis:

Feature List:

  • Get google page rank for input site url
  • Get all backlinks to the input site url
  • Get the exact href tag (rel=”nofollow”, target=”_blank”, etc) used by the back linking sites
  • Get google page rank for the back linking sites
  • Get google and yahoo ranking for the input site for keyword(s)
  • And a lot more ….



Here in pictures is a small demonstration of what all can be achieved with SEO Analyzer 1.1:

1. Start SEO Analyzer v 1.1

2. Enter Site url you want to analyze and keywords (optional) for which you want to analyze

3. Hit Enter or Analyze to start analysis – All backlinks

4. Get input site’s ranking for analyzed keywords


  • Export the keyword analysis results as CSV file
  • Compare keyword analysis results for two sites
  • Find appropriate keywords for a particular web page

Enjoy SEO Analysis,
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