Releasing Jaxl 2.0 – Object oriented XMPP framework in PHP

Releasing Jaxl 2.0 – Object oriented XMPP framework in PHP

After months of restructuring the Jaxl library, I am pleased to announce Jaxl 2.0, an object oriented XMPP framework in PHP for developing real time applications for browsers, desktops and hand held devices.

What’s new in Jaxl 2.0?

  • A lot of structural changes has been done from the previous version to make it more scalable, robust, flexible and easy to use
  • Library now provides an event mechanism, allowing developers to register callbacks for various xmpp events in their application code
  • Use integrated BOSH support to write real time web applications in minutes
  • More than 10 new implemented XMPP extensions (XEP’s) added
  • Development hosting moves to github, stable releases available at google code

Documentation for Jaxl users
Below is a list of getting started documentation for XMPP app developers:

Implemented XEP’s
A lot of new XEP’s has been implemented and packaged with Jaxl 2.0. Developers can use Jaxl event mechanism to implement new XEP’s without knowing the working of other core parts of the library.

Below is a list of released implemented XEP with Jaxl 2.0:

Documentation for project contributors
For developers interested in contributing to the Jaxl project, here is a list of insight documentation to get you started:

  • Jaxl core workflow and architecture (coming soon)
  • How to implement new XMPP extensions using Jaxl (coming soon)

Useful Links
For live help and discussion join [email protected] chat room


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  2. rajat

    i understood most of the things which were der on 1.0.4 version like how to connect , send message , download roster list .
    but the structure seemed to have totally changed for 2.0 series . i’m not a linux user , i want some articles which can guide me with how to connect, send message and download roster using 2.0 version .

  3. Hi Rajat,

    All Jaxl v 2.0 related documentation can be found under “documentation” tag: – Blog posts under this tag already covers most of the use cases you are looking for.

    Since you are a windows user, ./ will not work for you. I shall check-in a build.bat for windows users soon. Meanwhile, you can start development on windows box, by simply extracting the downloaded Jaxl package, and developing your applications under available /app directory. You will need to configure JAXL_BASE_PATH and other path variables inside jaxl.ini file.

    I haven’t tested Jaxl v 2.x on windows yet, try out and let me know how it goes. I shall run a test on windows box when i find one 🙂

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