New Year, New Server and a New Theme

Hello Everyone,

I wish I could have finished this task by 1st January, but nevertheless it’s finally done. Finally I have a new self designed wordpress theme named “Jhantu”. Also I have moved my blog from a shared hosting to my VPS due to increasing traffic.

Transition from one server to another is always painful. Here are the steps which I followed to make my server move smooth:

  • I took a dump of my blog last week and started developing new theme locally on my windows system
  • Yesterday before moving to VPS, I took the latest dump of wordpress blog (click export and download the xml file which guarantees for a smooth move)
  • However the database restoration wasn’t smooth. I found one of my previously published blog has been imported as a draft with no content inside and all comments lost. WTF
  • I had to republish it by extracting the blog content from the downloaded xml (If you are planning to move your blog, check out)
  • Then I changed the DNS settings in Godaddy, so that my domain now points to my VPS (something I discussed here before)
  • However it takes sometime before this new lookup (domain name => IP Address) is propagated worldwide. Infact even though you change the settings at Godaddy, you might continue seeing your old blog
  • I did 3 things, so that I can atleast setup the blog. Cleared browser cache, flushed my DNS lookups (run ipconfig /flushdns on command line), went to C:WINDOWSsystem32driversetchosts and made a new entry which reads:
  • This last entry will force your system to lookup at for

I guess these steps might help you if ever you plan to take the pain of server move.

Finally a bit about plugin’s powering “Jhantu”:

  • Akismet as always is guarding and saving us from spam
  • WP-Toolbar , a custom made plugin for showing a toolbar for outgoing links from my blogpost
  • My Adsense Manager a self written plug-in to embed adsense codes in between the blog posts. Will open source after some testing
  • Show your stats , yet another custom plugin to display my weekly stats on right tabs. Data derived from wordpress stats database using a cron job.
  • All in one SEO Pack, which automatically generates meta description and keyword for each blog post
  • With increasing number of visitors from european and south american citizens, I decided to have a language translator. Thanks to Global Translator for providing such an excellent plugin for translation
  • Google XML Sitemaps plugin for generating instant sitemaps as soon as I publish a new post
  • Thanks to MCEComments which will now allow you to format your comments 🙂
  • Sociable, which you will be using the most to share, print and email these posts if required. However I have customized it to also display tinyurl for the blog post and the RSS/Mail subscription links.
  • Subscribe To Comments will help you to keep upto date with an ongoing discussion
  • Get Recent Comments for keeping you in the know of latest discussions
  • WordPress Related Posts for feeding you with something similar to your taste 😉
  • WP-PageNavi for showing pagination instead of plain previous and next blog links
  • WP-Cache to handle increasing traffic
  • Syntax Highlighter making it easy for you to read through my code snippets
  • Finally Stats to keep a track of incoming traffic 🙂

In future “Jhantu” will be made open source, so that you can run your blog using it. Do let me know your feedbacks about the new theme inspired from Google Code.

  • Congrats on the new server and new theme and everything else new! The site looks *much* cleaner now 🙂 And “Jhantu” ? WTF!

  • admin

    Thanks dood. BTW Jhantu was my nickname back in college, so socha thoda masti kari jae. 😉

  • best blog

    quality blog post, very informative, thanks for the share

  • Sowmya

    Nice work done 🙂 Keep it up !

  • Leek Adam

    Congratulations on the new blog design. Quite neat and clean with easy navigation 🙂 Kuddos keep it up

  • rohit

    arrey web theme ko dekhein kaise?
    yehi theme hai kya? present here?

  • Dood didn’t get you. What do you mean by yeh theme ko dekhein kaise? Theme is named “Jhantu” and will be open source in a few weeks probably.

  • Hi,

    theme looks good.. anyway which plugin are you using for the tabbed widgets in the sidebar or you built it in the theme.


  • Thanks Nitin. Yeah everything on this tech blog is custom made apart from a few plugins here and there. Sidebar tabbed widgets is a module in this theme which allows you to add sidebars dynamically.

    I planned to make this open source and forgot, you reminded me back about it again 😀
  • Can you please pass that module!! I was planning to integrate it into my theme.
    By the way I have already tried using tabber and domtab, but no satisfactory results.

  • Hey Nitin, I will make this theme available shortly for open use 😀 I guess you can wait till then 😛

  • Mark

    Hey I’m new to wordpress and I really like how you listed the plugins you use, very useful.  I was wondering how to make the “read me” link at the bottom of each post? Is that WP-PageNavi in action?


  • Hey Mark,

    Can you make me clear about what “read me” link are you talking about? Yes I do use ‘WP-PageNavi’ for pagination, but what “read me” are you reffering to I am not sure.

    Edited: Hi Mark, The […] (read me) link is auto generated if you use the_excerpt('Read the rest of this entry »'); in your theme file.

  • Mark

    Excellent, thanks heaps for educating me about WordPress!