My stay @ IIT Guwahati (1st year)

My stay @ IIT Guwahati (1st year)

I was never a bookworm and didnt liked studies from my school days. Infact I didnt knew about IIT’s even when I was in 12th standard. My father always used to hate my frnds, and the reason was quite obvious…none of them looked like a ‘seedha saadha padhai waala bacchaa’…..Infact none of my close frnd cleared JEE exam and in my case the only reason why I was able to clear it was my father.

‘Unka dandaa naa hota to shayad mein kissi private college ke bahar cigraattte pi raha hota.’

Anyways I now thanx my father for having that ‘danda’ over me, which was hugely responsible for my success at the JEE extrance examination. After all I lived some of the best days in my life here at IITG.

I came to IITG with no further aims. Though of studies in the beginning but then soon I found an excuse to run away from studies i.e. ‘Professors chutiyee hai’. Music was my destination next and guitar was everything for me in the initial days of my life here at IITG. Playing guitar in my room and jamming for hours in the music room with frnds was daily routine. Then came ‘Manthan – IITG intra batch cultural festival.’ I can still remember the enthusiasm which Manthan brought with itself in the hostel. Some were showing enthu for making name of our batch in front of seniors and some were showing enthu for making name in front of the gals [:)]. Anyhow after preparation of abt 1 month the result was that we were proved as the worst batch in whole IITG and our batch still possess that title I must say. However that hardwork of 1 month didnt go waste for many as many of us including me, as we got a pass to Subansiri-IITG girls hostel. That marked the end of the 1st semester where I found many many new frnds and someone whom I started liking for some reason or the other.

After vacation for 1 month we all were back at IITG. Everyone had results in thr hands, few people who never used to study were somewhere in the high 8’s. Some who tried everything were somewhr in the low 6’s and for people like us who were by that time deeply in love were arnd 7. 1st semster results proved eye opener for many but not for people like us, who were already been blinded by many things. However the saga of romance continued and finally came the proposal from my side. Everything well settled, infact I must say too well settled [:)]. Music was other area I was fast progressing. By the end of the semester I saw my 1st electric guitar.

That brought an end to my 1st year of stay at IITG, infact which proved to be the ‘THE BEST’ days of my life. IITG brought a whole new experience for me, sleeping at 4 or 5 in the morning was normal. Infact I dont remember a single day during my 1st year when I slept before 12 in the night. I found many new frnds and the love of my life. I progressed satisfactorily in music, atleast my frnds back home gave me a few words of encouragement. However one side whr I was loosing out constantly were academics. My cpi fell from 7 to 6.75 i guess. My attendence then in the classes was smwhere arnd 10% (or may be that is more [:)]). Anyhow I was then enjoying the whole new experience in the life, I was enjoying the company of people out thr, I was enjoying the atmosphere thr……BUT BUT BUT…..


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