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Microsoft Deputy CEO Puzzle

Yesterday I got a mail from one of my friend whose title read as: FW: Microsoft Puzzle. I just click opened the mail to have a look at the puzzle. Though I am not too sure if this puzzle was really asked my the Microsoft HR team for recruiting their Deputy CEO. Anyways by any chance, if it was really asked by the Microsoft HR Team, I thought it worth sharing with you all.

Click for the puzzle here

Try out the puzzle. The deputy CEO was given 15 minutes so you deserve atleast that [:P]. Anyways, if after 15 minutes or half an hour you are still scratching your head, feel free to see the answer below the puzzle.

Enjoy and have fun solving the puzzle.

6 thoughts on “Microsoft Deputy CEO Puzzle

  1. Nice post!
    Dunno, why Microsoft gave 15 minutes for its deputy CEO to solve this 😛
    Anyways, just to add to the solution, since the problem is square symmetric, there can be many different cyclic solutions. eg. The one I found was:
    3 15 31 7
    31 7 3 15
    7 31 15 3
    15 3 7 31

  2. Yeah Obviously, everyone wondered this including me. Probably thats the reason they are now banking on buying other well established companies 😛

  3. And m too the same…….
    i dunno…… the first instict to solve the puzzle was to… use each no like we do in sudoko….. no repetition of same in a row and column… and reached the solution……

    perhaps…… CEO’s are bit rusty…… and are tested on their level….
    any ways….. good post!!

  4. Ya, I guess most people will get that on the 2nd try. On the first try people tend to forget, and don’t take care of the corner 4 boxes.

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