Link to new facebook design: See it building everyday

Hello Everyone, I don’t exactly remember from where I came across this link. The link shows you the latest development on new look and feel of facebook. Click the link below which will take you to the new facebook’s development page.

New Facebook Design Development Link

What’s new in the new design?

  • Well Facebook was always Ajax dominated social networking site, but now it goes a step further. It adapts philosophy from iGoogle and my.Yahoo and provides its users to add new tabs at the top of your profile page.
  • By DEFAULT it comes with Wall, Info, Photos and Boxes tabs at the top. Further you can add the following new tabs namely Notes, Videos, My Stuff and Music iLike. Basically it changes from user to user.
  • More Ajax means less loading time for your page. Now they allows you to switch between various aspects without having to reload the whole page.

So surely world is moving towards customized interface for its users. With iGoogle, my.Yahoo now Facebook trying the same. Will Orkut too see a change yet again.

Enjoy and see it changing everyday. I have been following it since 3-4 days and I see a complete new face every time I login to the new link. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Link to new facebook design: See it building everyday”

  1. hey, i cannot get into the new facebook layout what should i do? i mean a lot of people dont like it but i would like to at least give it a try

    1. Hi Mafe,

      If you notice the publish date of this blog, you can get an idea that this is not what you are looking for. This was published when fb changed their UI long back. (July 15th, 08)

      The newly changed UI is being enabled across all users in batches. Probably I am a power user of facebook and I can see new UI enabled for me as of now. Though there is no specific link which you can click and visit.

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