Konami Code on Facebook : How to implement it on your site

Konami Code on Facebook : How to implement it on your site

Yesterday while chatting with friends, I discovered an unusual thing on facebook. Unusual because I didn’t see any sense in what I saw back then. The process to discover this unusual thing is as follows:

How to view lens flare on facebook
1. Login to facebook.com
2. Click once anywhere on your home page
3. Click the following sequence of characters using your keyboard
4. Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Enter Key
5. Click again on the page or try to scroll the page up or down

If everything is done correctly you will see something like this:
lensflare on facebook

On more investigation I found out this unusual thing is nothing but “Konami Code“, which is a cheat code that appears in many Konami video games. The Konami code was introduced to many gamers in the 1988 NES version of Contra. Due to the game’s intense difficulty, many Contra players became reliant on the cheat code, which increased the player’s lives from 3 to 30 (9 to 90 including continues), to finish the game. The game’s popularity, combined with the near-necessity of using the code, made it renowned to an entire generation of video game players. This led to the code being used in countless games, and even mentioned across popular culture.

Once the cheat code is entered, facebook extends it to enable Lens Flare on all the pages you visit thereafter. You can use the below code, to enable-disable komani code on your site, and thereafter extend it to anything you want to:

  <head>  </head>
  <body onload="$.init()" onkeydown="$.konamiCode(event)">

Try out once on facebook and then come back to grab it for your site.


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