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Its too much to handle for YouTube now : Finally its down


Well I was just doing the daily maintenance of one of the sites I own where I have several youtube videos embedded. I noticed that I wasn’t able to embed some videos successfully which were there before yesterday. I tried changing my script 2-3 times, tried different method. Finally I thought of opening the video directly in the browser.

Bingo! Youtube is down for the first time in front of my eyes. Am I dreaming?

I did a quick:

  • ping (Failed)
  • tracert (Failed)
  • ping (Success)

So indeed it was youtube that sucked for the first time. Find below a snap shot of the same.

You can clearly see that:

  • Server not found on browser
  • Top right window shows successful ping to
  • Below two command line window shows failed ping and tracert of youtube servers.

For a bigger clear picture click here:

This is some news 😉

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