Introducing WP-Chat :: XMPP Chat plugin for WordPress

Introducing WP-Chat :: XMPP Chat plugin for WordPress

WP-Chat plugin embeds Jaxl IM (Instant Messenger for the web) for wordpress blogs. It runs across all major browsers and built upon XMPP protocol. It is a hosted solution from empowering real time communication between you and your site visitors. It expects no software or hardware pre-requisites from your site servers or users. Above all it’s free!


  • Supports for all major browser including Firefox, Chrome, Safari and IE
  • Embeddable on all blogs, forums, personal, social and enterprise sites
  • Built using XMPP protocol (backbone for facebook and google chats)
  • Hosted dashboard for site admins and IM users
  • Pluggable and Skinnable using developer api
  • Connect with you desktop IM clients (e.g. Pidgin, PSI, …)

In two of my previous post (Introducing MemChat and Jaxl BOSH Demo), I discussed and demoed a very early version of WP Chat plugin. In past 3 months, work has been done to make WP Chat generic enough so that it can be embedded across all kind of blogs, forums, social, personal and enterprise level websites. As of today, the product is named as “Jaxl IM (Instant Messenger for the web)” and made available as “WP-Chat” for the wordpress users.


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  5. Hi Karen, Yes thats right. Site status is pending by default. Need to go slow on rolling out the plugin, while still monitoring the in/out flow of things. Fixing existing bugs, before more might creep in 😀

  6. This seems nice,except that i have too upload a html file to my server also that i have to go to an external site too approve my site. Let me see if my FTP dosnt get cracked and i lose all my data. Then i can judge it, anyways it seems simple and nice, so far.

  7. Saurabh Shukla


    Yes, site verification is an important step and the pending status maybe an important process. Instead of waiting this much with nothing in sight and deadlines fast approaching, a user will sadly move ahead to something else.

    this much wait is essentially very unfair because the way you’re promoting doesn’t disclose this anywhere that one would have to wait for a month. you should have waited a little longer before promoting it. if there’s going to be frustration, we won’t like it, at all.

    Thanks, anyways.

  8. Hi Zach/Saurabh,

    Approval process is slow mainly because of two reasons: a) resource crunch b) fix existing bug before approving new domain.

    I still haven’t promoted it in any other way except for this blog post. Yes I know the wait can be frustrating.

    However at this point, I aim to keep the quality of network high and go slow till Jaxl IM touches beta development phase.

    Giving away a crappy version of Jaxl IM will make sure none of you like it, hence slow and steady is the way to go right now.

  9. I would suggest to make it clear that this is beta – and there is a long waiting list for approval – it’s really a great service that is quite needed and this will be really popular service – you can also close the door if there is too many request so people don’t go waiting for a long period of time.

    Do you have a big team and are you looking for external extra help ?

  10. @Gef,

    Right, we are very limited on resources right now and hence the delay’s in approval.


    I expect everyone to show some patience. This service has been built only to serve you, and finally everyone shall get a hand on it. Process can be slow and appreciate your patience. 😀

    1. Hi iggy, Project is currently in alpha stage and site approval can take time. Also their is a resource crunch at our end (we didn’t expected thousands of site submissions within alpha release via wordpress plugin). You will get an email upon site approval. Thanks for your understanding and co-operation 🙂

    1. Hi Marcos,

      If you would have visited , you can view that the site will be back in full flow from 1st Jan. We did an alpha release in october and due to several reasons we decided to take the site off till end of this year. Site and service will be back in service from 1st January. Your site will be approved on a priority basis as soon as service is back online…..

  11. Marcos

    Hi Abhinav,

    It seems jaxl is not working yet. I was thinking it would be online in 1st January.

    Do you have some information? Im realy interested in this plugin.

    Thank youuu!

    1. Hi Marcos, I think we have already approved your site submission. If not just let me know and will go ahead with the approval.
      Jaxl IM beta was released on 1st feb and is now supporting 1500+ websites and serving chat widget on almost 20K+ pages every day.

  12. matthew

    I am planning to have a website where users can chat 1-to-1 to each other after the website client hits “chat” – will this plugin works? i don’t want a list of users available to chat just 1 user hits chat on another – i pass some parameters to the client and get a big chatting box for the two of them. Is that possible please? Can i use openfire instead of jaxiIM – it seems more featurefull.


    1. Hi Matthew,

      A code update mid this week will allow you to enable/disable peer-to-peer and group chat modes of Jaxl IM. As of today, peer-to-peer is currently not supported.
      You can then let us know if it fulfills your need. Visitors will see a list of online users and choose to interact in a one-to-one fashion with them.

      Regarding using openfire, what kind of feature full features are you pointing out. Jaxl IM adds quite a lot of customizations to standard xmpp flow to enable what you see on your websites (social network auth, reply to ability, and much more).

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  14. Hi Abhinav,
    I have this problem: [ wp 2.9 ]
    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING, expecting T_OLD_FUNCTION or T_FUNCTION or T_VAR or ‘}’ in /wp-content/plugins/wp-chat/wpchat.class.php on line 16
    ///////// end

  15. hi Abhinav Singh

    thank you for your important work and your availability
    I notice errors for several days. I subscribe to your twitter and you made some important updates that may not be finished yet
    I do not know what is happening right now

    thanks …

  16. Hello Abhinav,

    Please include me for your mailing notification once the beta version is released, I would love to see this piece of art to run live in our web site. I am excited and can’t wait to see it in action.

    Continue to share your big hearts, you and your team! God Bless…

  17. Hi admin, hi Abhinav Singh
    I am a site owner of I want to install your CHAT into my web which I use WordPress already. This CHAT allow all user use or Log-In user only. How can I do this and what should I pay? and how to go?
    I am waiting to hear from you soon.
    Chhil Rithy

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