How to generate random password like WordPress using PHP?

WordPress Blogging Engine is a champion in a lot of way. One of the unique thing which you might have noticed is the random password generated by the wordpress, in case you try to generate a new password. Here are a few examples:

  • j0LH(WM9b_-q
  • wr^sqct1cmff
  • )P4-e531#-aL

Lets have a look at the code which can generate such random passwords for us. Later on we will dig deep into the code to understand each and every bit of it:


  class utility {

    static $random = '';

    // generates a random password
    // By default of length 12 having special characters
    static function generate_password($length = 12, $special_chars=true) {
      $chars = 'abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ0123456789';
      if($special_chars) $chars .= '[email protected]#$%^&*_-()';

      $password = '';
      for($i=0; $i<$length; $i++)
        $password .= substr($chars, self::generate_random_number(0, strlen($chars)-1), 1);
      return $password;

    // generates a random number between $min and $max
    static function generate_random_number($min=0, $max=0) {
      // generate seed. TO-DO: Look for a better seed value everytime
      $seed = mt_rand();

      // generate $random
      // special thing about random is that it is 32(md5) + 40(sha1) + 40(sha1) = 112 long
      // hence if we cut the 1st 8 characters everytime, we can get upto 14 random numbers
      // each time the length of $random decreases and when it is less than 8, new 112 long $random is generated
      if(strlen(self::$random) < 8 ) {
        self::$random = md5(uniqid(microtime().mt_rand(), true).$seed);
        self::$random .= sha1(self::$random);
        self::$random .= sha1(self::$random.$seed);

      // take first 8 characters
      $value = substr(self::$random, 0, 8);

      // strip first 8 character, leaving remainder for next call
      self::$random = substr(self::$random, 8);

      $value = abs(hexdec($value));
      // Reduce the value to be within the min - max range. 4294967295 = 0xffffffff = max random number
      if($max != 0) $value = $min + (($max - $min + 1) * ($value / (4294967295 + 1)));
      return abs(intval($value));


  // print new random password
  echo utility::generate_password();


Lets dig into the code
static function generate_password($length=12, $special_chars=true) is a static method of our utility class. It accepts two parameters. $length who’s default value is 12 and $special_chars who’s default value is true. By turning on $special_chars, our random generated password will include characters like [email protected]#$%^&*_-()

static function generate_random_number($min=0, $max=0) is yet another static function of the utility class. It generates random number between $min and $max, the two parameters which can be passed. Default value for both is 0. However internally, generate_random_number() do a lot of trick to get us some really random numbers.

generate_random_number() works with following variables:

  1. $seed: which is equal to mt_rand()
  2. self::$random is a static variable. To start with this variable equals to ” (nothing). generate_random_number() checks for the length of self::$random. If its length is < 8, it generates a new 112 character long random value (see the code above) and assign it to self::$random. From here on, every time a random number is requested, it uses a chunks of 8 characters from the starting of self::$random, which is then used to generate a random number (see the code above). After each iteration length of self::$random decreases by 8. Because self::$random is 112 characters long, we can use it 14 times to get a random number (14×8 = 112).
  3. $value is the actual 8 digit character extracted from the starting of self::$random, which is later on processed to generate a random number between $min and $max values.

Further these methods can also be used to generate short url’s like tinyurl.com or bit.ly.

10 thoughts on “How to generate random password like WordPress using PHP?

  1. Good catch. I wonder when i see the generated password but never cared to dig into the wordpress code to find out.

  2. hi!..
    I really tired :S..
    please help me!.
    I need to search the file password generate in wordpress, .. it’s so long, i wanna modificate the password generate to 8 characters.
    where I found this folder or file?

  3. Nice. However, I would suggest use a standard algorithm to create passwords (for slightly better security of course)

    * Note that the salt here is randomly generated.
    * Never use a static salt or one that is not randomly generated.*
    * For the VAST majority of use-cases, let password_hash generate the salt randomly for you

    $options = [
    ‘cost’ => 11,
    ‘salt’ => mcrypt_create_iv(22, MCRYPT_DEV_URANDOM),
    echo password_hash(“rasmuslerdorf”, PASSWORD_BCRYPT, $options).”n”;


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