GTalk Status Message Collector

Hello Everyone,

I have started , based on the example demonstrated here. Try out and Help spreading the word.

I am not a big fan of twitter, but after I heard they do something similar to what I will be demonstrating here. I thought of building this one out. So here is my demo application, also known as GTalk Chat Bot.

Do the following things to get started:

  1. Add [email protected] in your GTalk Messenger.
  2. It will collect your status messages as and when you change them.
  3. You can view all your status messages by visiting this URL :
  4. The status messages will reflect at the above URL by the end of the day. (I had to do this because the server where I have my bot running i.e. my VPS is different from where my personal site is hosted, hence we have this restriction)
  5. Come back anytime after a day and you can see your status messages over time.

I am currently testing this application, which is running 99.99% bug free. Once I am satisfied with it, I will put the code for download with a possible explaination.

Meanwhile enjoy the bot.


  • Good effort.
    I think you need to tweak it to ignore if status message remains unchanged by storing the previous message

  • info

    please hide the user ids in the page where ur displaying the status messages. They can be easily be food for spam bots… may be u want to hide or display only the first 3-4 chars…

  • Download JAXL library from . Written in PHP allows you to do all that you want with a gtalk bot.

    — Abhi