Google, Yahoo, Microsoft toolkit for startups

Google, Yahoo, Microsoft toolkit for startups


Well there is some good news for young entrepreneurs out there.

  • Google released Google Apps which can be used by for your websites email, hosting needs. You can use all the google applications (Gmail, Gtalk, Google docs, Calendar, Page Creator etc) for your site and all for free. This really helps one to focus more on the functionality and features of their website rather than wasting time in maintaining such trivial things. (Altertunes currently uses Google Apps without any problem)
  • In competition, Microsoft too have released Startup Center and Microsoft Office Live Basics, which includes Business plans for startups, Domain names, webspace and hosting with metrics, Accounting software, tools and etc.
  • And, Finally Yahoo India too started a similar thing for small businesses called Yahoo Small Business. However this comes at a nominal price of Rs 999/- per year (which is acceptable considering they give you domain name registration with this). The package includes Domain Name, Free 200 Business email ids, Site Solutions to design Website, 5 GB disk space, 200 GB data transfer and some free Ads slots.

Not to forget that Google have already released Google App Engine a few weeks ago which allows you to execute your application on google infrastructue.

Surely the competition in the market is benefiting the small entrepreneurs in the market.

Take full advantage of this and All the best for your startup.

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