Cuil : New search engine from former Googlers.

Just came across this search engine , which is supposedly from former Googlers or I must say rebellious googler. Cuil Inc (which is pronounced as Cool) claims that it can index faster and more cheaper, a far larger portion of the web than google.

The would-be Google rival says its service goes beyond prevailing search techniques that focus on Web links and audience traffic patterns and instead analyzes the context of each page and the concepts behind each user search request.

Personally from my experience it doesn’t give better search results for proper noun. For example querying my name doesn’t give my site at all. And when I query, it gives some Chinese characters.

However interesting feature is giving search results with images, which is a derivation from Yahoo’s glue search. Glue search is the next upcoming revolutionary search from Yahoo, which brings in all the experience for your on one page. For instance try searching Metallica and you get the following beautiful results:

Read more about the latest search engine on web here:

I thought google killed innovation outside Google, but No here are people proving it all wrong.

  • Thanks for the info Abhi! I’m interested in seeing how this will turn out. At least to see if they have something other search engines aren’t offering.

  • I’ve read that cuil offers more relevant results,though search for didn’t return my site too!!

  • weer

    Same here. I thought i would have some luck checking back on them again but still they can’t find my site. And yet they claim indexing 120 billion pages. I have more luck with other search engines like though

  • Well even doesn’t seems to be fine. Thats because I searched for “gtalk bots” which ideally must return (my new site) as first result. But infact I don’t see that anywhere.

    Also even if i search “gtalkbots”, it gives all the link backs to the site but not the actual site.

    Also I could see some javascript being displayed on the search result page 😛