How to create a social networking website in 5 minutes

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Hello Friends, Social media is the way to go now-a-days. After Orkut, Facebook and My Space we saw hundreds of social networking site making their mark in the market. However now a days socialness is not only restricted to social networking sites. Now every company wants to include some amount of socialness into their website, product or whatever it is. However the features which any of the social networking site provide are same and restricted to a certain extent. 3 of the sites which I have developed so far, all have socialness as a base component. (Gtalkbots, Altertunes, IITG Alumni)...

How to create a single button flash audio player using Openlaszlo?

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Hello Everyone, I have been working on OpenLaszlo for quite sometime now and found it every easy to build custom flash widgets using it. In my first tutorial on OpenLaszlo, we will together learn a few specs of Openlaszlo and then code a tiny little flash media player. Getting started with Openlaszlo: Openlaszlo is a framework which allows you to build flash widgets easily and faster. Biggest advantage is that you need not write any action scripting for building your flash widget. In laszlo we write code in XML format (files saved with extension .lzx) and then Laszlo server compiles...

A Light Weight Javascript calendar for your websites and blogs

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Hello Everyone, Well you can find a lot of such calendars out there in the market, and this is yet another one for you. I made this to embed with my scheduling calendar which you can find here. Calendar with auto notification and demo Check out the source code from the google code repository: svn checkout abhinavsingh-read-only

How to make faster websites and enhance your site user experience – Part 1

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In all my posts till now I concentrated over how to get started with web development and related introductory stuffs. In next few posts (series of 3 posts), I will write some of my learning in the field of "How to make your website faster and enhance your site user experience". So lets assume I made a site, which rocks with all those web2.0 features in it. But still my user complaints like: My site hangs their browser while loading. The page takes too long to load. Blah Blah Blah...... :( So how to go about and make sure that...

How to get started with web development?

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Many of my friends have asked me on how to start with web development. I am not expert but here in this post I would like to describe a few steps that might help one climb the ladder of web development fast. Kindly feel free to add to this blog post if you think some other methodology might be better off. Where do I start web development? Well the first and best place to start web development is your own system. Yes your very own personal computer. You don't need a server on internet to start with. Infact I worked...

Calendar with Auto-Notification : API and demo.

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I was quite impressed with the Google Calendar, Yahoo Calendar and Outlook implementation of the same and wondered how exactly is it done? What are the challenges? So I thought of making a clone of one of them and see if I am able to achieve the same level of perfection. I must say my 1 day of work did indeed brought some smile to my face as I could see my application running and rocking. Here is it, try out for yourself and Let me know if it worked for you. You can even use it for your day...

iPhone Flick Photo SlideShow API

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Apple Inc has been the pioneers in the field of innovation and excellent User Interfaces. After iPod they have come up with much hyped iPhone which runs on touch screen technology. I was just looking at this particular feature in iPhone where user can flick the photos in the slide show, and depending upon his flick speed the photos scrolls overs. Excellent application by iPhone we all must agree. I though why not have such a feature for our websites where users can just flick through the slide show. Basically it started from a mailing list discussion and finally I...

Photo Cropper API: How is it achieved?

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Photo Cropper was something which was introduced or I must say became popular after various social networking sites started applying it. This allows users to choose a section from a photo which he wants to upload and show to the world around. I initially tried to investigate how Orkut do this for their users. Further I took a look at API's provided by YUI for the same purpose. After investigating a few other sources of photo  cropper I finally decided to build a photo cropper with an approach used by orkut. I will further explain the algorithm used in more...

Gain admin access on Windows using your guest account

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Hello All, Ever thought of how to get into your friend's system and see the access denied files and folders? Or ever wanted to hack into someone's admin account? Well here is a method which exploits yet another windows bug. Have you ever noticed that if you press your system's SHIFT key >= 5 times continuously a pop-up Windows occurs with the name "Sticky Keys"? If it doesn't pop up on your comp, then maybe your shortcut is turned off. For enabling it, go to Control Panel -> Accessibility Options. In the accessibility options under the keyboard tab, in sticky...