Calendar with Auto-Notification : API and demo.

I was quite impressed with the Google Calendar, Yahoo Calendar and Outlook implementation of the same and wondered how exactly is it done? What are the challenges? So I thought of making a clone of one of them and see if I am able to achieve the same level of perfection.

I must say my 1 day of work did indeed brought some smile to my face as I could see my application running and rocking. Here is it, try out for yourself and Let me know if it worked for you. You can even use it for your day to day needs, my server is up and running forever 😉

Click to visit the Calendar API Demo Page

Important before you try it out:

  1. It will ask you for Email Id and Password.
  2. Give your personal email id where you want to receive event’s notification.
  3. Password can be anything, which you can reuse to login.
  4. It will send out an email to your email id above 30 minutes before the event start
  5. For eg. If you marked an event for 26th July, 2008 – 06:00 PM. You will receive a mail notification of the same at 26th July,2008 – 05:30 PM.
  6. There must be atleast an hour gap between your event time and the moment you are marking it.




Thats it, try out. Works for me perfectly. Let me know about your feedbacks.


  • Sowmya

    great work 🙂 Now I could send you reminders regularly 😛

  • hehe, thanks boss. Anyways thr is a slight bug in thr…. 😉 I am still fixing that , anyways meanwhile you can use that without much of an issue 🙂

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  • very nice!  any plans to release the source.  I’d like to check out how you did it.

  • Hi Kevin, Yeah I am surely going to make it open source. Adding some documentation, comments and making the code a little presentable. Will release soon 🙂

  • jaredmellentine

    I just had a flashback to 1999. Tables, overlay issues and browser-specific code. Yikes.

    The functionality is nice, but I hope you fix those issues before you release it.

  • Thanks jaredmellentine. Yeah if you see the post, it dates back to July last yr, when I was still quite new in web development.

    Yeah ofcourse I have held its source coz of the same reason, coz don’t waana churn out a code which doesn’t work for all. Check out will release soon 🙂
  • Hi


    This is quite an old post, did you ever release the source?