A Light Weight Javascript calendar for your websites and blogs

A Light Weight Javascript calendar for your websites and blogs

Hello Everyone,

Well you can find a lot of such calendars out there in the market, and this is yet another one for you. I made this to embed with my scheduling calendar which you can find here. Calendar with auto notification and demo

Check out the source code from the google code repository:
svn checkout http://abhinavsingh.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/ abhinavsingh-read-only


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  2. rashmi


    I am creating an event management system. In that I am looking for similar calendar.

    I clicked demo link and it is not available. Please share me demo link.

    Also, is it possible to embed it into java web applications? is it purely javascript calendar?


    1. Hi Rashmi,

      Thanks for stopping by. Yes this is a pure javascript calendar widget. I developed this way back in 2008, but objective was not to just build a calendar widget but also learn a few things i was targeting back then. Read this blog post which explains that Calendar with Auto-Notification : API and demo.

      Here are the links to the two theme i worked upon (blue and green). Only CSS styling is different, no PHP involved, pure javascript widget.

      You can very well use this inside your event management system, though i will recommend you to checkout some of the jquery calendar widgets which are actively maintained and have come through a lot of tests over the year.

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