A Light Weight Javascript calendar for your websites and blogs

Hello Everyone,

Well you can find a lot of such calendars out there in the market, and this is yet another one for you. I made this to embed with my scheduling calendar which you can find here. Calendar with auto notification and demo

Check out the source code from the google code repository:
svn checkout http://abhinavsingh.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/ abhinavsingh-read-only
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  • rashmi


    I am creating an event management system. In that I am looking for similar calendar.

    I clicked demo link and it is not available. Please share me demo link.

    Also, is it possible to embed it into java web applications? is it purely javascript calendar?


    • Hi Rashmi,

      Thanks for stopping by. Yes this is a pure javascript calendar widget. I developed this way back in 2008, but objective was not to just build a calendar widget but also learn a few things i was targeting back then. Read this blog post which explains that Calendar with Auto-Notification : API and demo.

      Here are the links to the two theme i worked upon (blue and green). Only CSS styling is different, no PHP involved, pure javascript widget.

      You can very well use this inside your event management system, though i will recommend you to checkout some of the jquery calendar widgets which are actively maintained and have come through a lot of tests over the year.