How to perform X-FACEBOOK-PLATFORM and Google Talk X-OAUTH2 XMPP authentication with PHP Jaxl library

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Ever since Jaxl library first introduced support for X-FACEBOOK-PLATFORM XMPP authentication mechanism, it has changed significantly. Also, Google Talk now supports OAuth 2.0 Authorization, an XMPP extension to allow users to log in using OAuth 2.0 credentials. Both these mechanisms are a big win for XMPP developers, since real-time conversation experience can now be provided to their application users without asking them for their passwords. In this blog post, I will demonstrate how to perform X-FACEBOOK-PLATFORM and X-OAUTH2 XMPP authentication mechanism using Jaxl v3.x PHP Library. X-FACEBOOK-PLATFORM XMPP Authentication Here is a quick guide on how to perform X-FACEBOOK-PLATFORM XMPP […]

JAXLXml – Strophe style XML Builder : Working with Jaxl – A Networking Library in PHP – Part 2

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Prior to Jaxl v3.x, the most ugliest piece of code inside Jaxl library was handling of XML packets. If you are working with XMPP protocol which is all about sending and receiving XML packets, it can become a nightmare if you don’t have a proper XML manipulation library in your toolkit. For Jaxl v3.x, first thing I decided to write was JAXLXml class, which is a custom XML packet implementation with no external dependencies and is an extension over the ideas from Strophe.Builder class written by Jack Moffitt. JAXLXml is generic enough to find a place inside any PHP application […]

Working with Jaxl – A Networking Library in PHP – Part 1 – An Introduction, Philosophy and History

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Development of Jaxl library started way back in December’07 while I was working on a self-initiated project called Gtalkbots. The project is now dead, if you are interested in knowing more about it go through Gtalkbots BlogSpot. Jaxl v1.x was first released in Jan’09 and about a year later in Aug’10 Jaxl v2.x was released. First two versions were released as JAbber XMPP Library for writing clients and external server components. While working on my startup Jaxl – A Platform As A Service (PAAS) for developing real-time applications, I started experiencing v2.x limitations when my external server side components were […]

Announcing Jaxl v3.x – asynchronous, non-blocking I/O, event based PHP client/server library

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Jaxl v3.x is a successor of v2.x (and is NOT backward compatible), carrying a lot of code from v2.x while throwing away the ugly parts. A lot of components have been re-written keeping in mind the feedback from the developer community over the last 4 years. Also Jaxl shares a few philosophies from my experience with erlang and python languages. Jaxl is an asynchronous, non-blocking I/O, event based PHP library for writing custom TCP/IP client and server implementations. From it’s previous versions, library inherits a full blown stable support for XMPP protocol stack. In v3.0, support for HTTP protocol stack […]

How to write External Jabber Components in PHP using Jaxl library?

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Jabber Component Protocol (XEP-0114) documents how XMPP protocol can be used to communicate between servers and “external” components over the Jabber network. XMPP components “bind” to a domain, usually a sub-domain of the main XMPP service, such as All incoming stanzas addressed to that domain (to=’’) or to entities on that domain (to=’[email protected]’) will be routed to your Jaxl (Jabber XMPP Library) based code. In this blog post, I will demonstrate a sample external jabber component bot written in PHP using Jaxl library. Refer Jaxl Installation, Usage guide and Example apps if you are new to Jaxl. Demonstrated component […]

PHP Code, Setup and Demo of Jaxl boshchat application

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Jaxl 2.0 bosh support allow web developers to write real time web applications within minutes, without having any pre-requisite knowledge about the XMPP protocol itself. In this blog post, I will walk you through setup and demo of an XMPP based web chat application using Jaxl library. Get the code Follow the following steps to download and install this sample web application on your systems: Clone the development branch of Jaxl library [email protected]:~/git# git clone [email protected]:abhinavsingh/JAXL.git [email protected]:~/git# cd JAXL/ [email protected]:~/git/JAXL# If you are not familiar with git, simply visit [email protected], click Download Source and extract under ~/git/JAXL directory on your […]

Releasing Jaxl 2.0 – Object oriented XMPP framework in PHP

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After months of restructuring the Jaxl library, I am pleased to announce Jaxl 2.0, an object oriented XMPP framework in PHP for developing real time applications for browsers, desktops and hand held devices. What’s new in Jaxl 2.0? A lot of structural changes has been done from the previous version to make it more scalable, robust, flexible and easy to use Library now provides an event mechanism, allowing developers to register callbacks for various xmpp events in their application code Use integrated BOSH support to write real time web applications in minutes More than 10 new implemented XMPP extensions (XEP’s) […]

Setting Nginx, PHP Fastcgi and XCache on a new Ubuntu

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Recently, because of a mandatory VPS move I had an opportunity to migrate all my sites from apache to nginx. My old box was in a messy state and setting up a new box from scratch was always going to be fun. Here in this post, I will walk you through all the steps that helped me migrate seamlessly. Specially, how did I setup the new box ensuring zero downtime on the sites. Ensuring zero downtime while migration: By the time I will pin up various pieces on my new vps box, I didn’t want my site visitors to see […]

Writing your first facebook chat bot in PHP using Jaxl library

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Today facebook officially announced availability of it’s chat through jabber/xmpp clients. This is a big win for XMPP, with almost 400 million new probable users adding into XMPP club. In this post, I will demonstrate how to connect to facebook chat servers using Jaxl client library in PHP. It can further be used to make custom chat bots for facebook. Creating your first facebook chat bot: Follow the steps to successfully run a facebook chat bot: Download Jaxl or checkout latest from trunk svn checkout jaxl-read-only Edit the configuration file config.ini.php as follows: // Set an enviornment $env = […]

MEMQ : Fast queue implementation using Memcached and PHP only

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Memcached is a scalable caching solution developed by Danga interactive. One can do a lot of cool things using memcached including spam control, online-offline detection of users, building scalable web services. In this post, I will demonstrate and explain how to implement fast scalable queues in PHP. MEMQ: Overview Every queue is uniquely identified by it’s name. Let’s consider a queue named “foo” and see how MEMQ will implement it inside memcached: Two keys namely, foo_head and foo_tail contains meta information about the queue While queuing, item is saved in key foo_1234, where 1234 is the current value of key […]