2nd Year @ IIT Guwahati

2nd Year @ IIT Guwahati

Attendence of abt 10% in class, CPI of 6.75, a girlfriend, an electric guitar, a rock band, few sucking performance on stage, beer rum whisky vodka and lots of friend : In short this was my first year at IIT Guwahati. But then college life is not just about fun, and my experiences of 2nd year were enough to prove this point.

There is something about this college life that once people are in here, they dont wanna go back home. Atleast this was the case with most of the people in my batch. 3 months of holidays, means hell lot of vellapanti. I guess its lack of freedom back home that makes us feel so addicted towards this college life.

“12 baj gaye hai, so jaaao” , “subaha ke 8 baj gaye hai uth jao” , “Bijli ka bill jama kar aao” , “Nahalo jaldi se nahi to panni chala jaega” (This is the biggest headache i suppose) , “Shyaam ko doodh le aao” , “Pandey ji ka ladka computer course kar raha hai, tum kuch karte kyon nahi” , “Koi kitaab le aate”, dad se zindigi ke funde and similar infinite comments.

Actually, this is what we all run from. (If not all atleast most of us). Anyways I was back in the college, after a boring 3 month holidays. However, I came back with a few points to prove, firstly i wanted to improve upon my CPI which was falling like anything. 7.00 –> 6.75 .

I remember my dad asking abt my performance in IIT, n the answer I had was ‘Papa woh IIT waale results seedhe 4 years ke baad hi dete hai, beech mein kuch nahi dete.’ I thought may be if i can improve my CPI some how, next time I will say ‘Papa woh rules naa change ho gaye hai, aab results har semester mein milenge, but puraane nahi.’

But it takes something to fulfill ur dreams, n that smthing never came out of me. Infact the 3rd semester proved to be the worst semester academically for me. My CPI fell like anything by the end of 2nd year….. 7.00–>6.75–>6.23–>6.21……Academically things were out of my hands. However thr were a few areas i was fast improving [:)].

I was chosen as Music secy for the 2nd year, n that meant even more dedication n commitment towards music. Jamming for hours in the music room, practicing day n night in the room, organizing cultural nights within the campus, giving guitar classes n wat not……music was all over the place.

To be continued…

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