How to build a login-registration system using Symfony – A PHP Framework – Part 2

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Hello again, In the last tutorial we saw a very basic implementation which will simply print "Hello World" on your browser screen. For those who have landed up here straight here, you may want to go through this blog post. Getting started with Symfony - A PHP Framework - Part 1 By now if you have decided to go ahead with symfony and use it for your site development, this is what you will be looking for next. You can download the code for this tutorial from google code base. svn checkout Frameworks/Symfony/Authentication abhinavsingh-read-only A Registration-Login-Logout System for your...

Y!OS Developer Release is Live. Yahoo! is open!

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Today, Yahoo opened the developer interfaces to our Y!OS platform stack through the release of the Yahoo! Social Platform (YSP), Yahoo! Query Language (YQL), Yahoo! Application Platform (YAP), and the YDN developer dashboard.  This makes Y!OS a reality for an essential constituency: developers.  Now, anyone on the web has access to Yahoo!’s tools and data to start building applications for Yahoo!’s vast audience and the web beyond.  It’s a great step forward in rewiring Yahoo! with a social dimension and a platform architecture that’s open like never before. Yahoo! Social Platform (YSP) See: Yahoo! Query Language (YQL) See:

How to create a single button flash audio player using Openlaszlo?

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Hello Everyone, I have been working on OpenLaszlo for quite sometime now and found it every easy to build custom flash widgets using it. In my first tutorial on OpenLaszlo, we will together learn a few specs of Openlaszlo and then code a tiny little flash media player. Getting started with Openlaszlo: Openlaszlo is a framework which allows you to build flash widgets easily and faster. Biggest advantage is that you need not write any action scripting for building your flash widget. In laszlo we write code in XML format (files saved with extension .lzx) and then Laszlo server compiles...

Getting started with Symfony – A PHP Framework – Part 1

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Hello Friends, Since past few weeks I have been pushed into something which I have never favored i.e. using a framework for my development. Using a framework can become even more harder if you know all the actual HTML, CSS, JS, PHP coding. Then you just wonder WHY? WHY? WHY? Anyways I had to do it using Symfony PHP framework and there was no way out. As I couldn't find much help outside , it made even more difficult for me to implement and understand symfony.  So I thought of writing a tutorial, which can help many others like me...

Yahoo Web Analytics (Beta) – Far more better than Google Analytics

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Born out of our acquisition of IndexTools in May, Yahoo! Web Analytics (beta) provides powerful data and insights reporting that help website owners evaluate their marketing performance and tweak their website designs. They’ll get custom real-time reports and graphs that help them slice and dice metrics like sales, page views, and sources of traffic and ultimately identify ways to amp up their visitor satisfaction. The first big deployment is Yahoo! Small Business, whose 13,000 hosted e-commerce customers can get set up just in time for the holiday shopping season at the click of a button. Read more

A Light Weight Javascript calendar for your websites and blogs

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Hello Everyone, Well you can find a lot of such calendars out there in the market, and this is yet another one for you. I made this to embed with my scheduling calendar which you can find here. Calendar with auto notification and demo Check out the source code from the google code repository: svn checkout abhinavsingh-read-only