How to create an upload meter in PHP? Explained

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It was about 2 months back when I started hunting for an upload meter "How To?" guide on net. Came across a lot of links actually but I must say none of them actually gave me what I wanted to have. Some talked of some patched PHP version to achieve the same and some talked everything except an upload meter. Finally I was able to come up with the trick involved (thanks to sources on net and some work on my side). Here I will explain in short how can we achieve this on windows and unix both: APC (Alternate...

The Scariest Path in the world

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For a change, let me post something interesting other than web development. Watching this video I was jumping around my chair in order to prevent that guy from falling. Hilarious, amazing and just incredible. If I was there would have stopped in between, called back home, asked them to arrange for a helicopter by hook or crook. I couldn't have proceeded forward by any mean. original source of video: Enjoy something other than technical ;)

How to make faster websites and enhance your site user experience – Part 1

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In all my posts till now I concentrated over how to get started with web development and related introductory stuffs. In next few posts (series of 3 posts), I will write some of my learning in the field of "How to make your website faster and enhance your site user experience". So lets assume I made a site, which rocks with all those web2.0 features in it. But still my user complaints like: My site hangs their browser while loading. The page takes too long to load. Blah Blah Blah...... :( So how to go about and make sure that...