Windows Text to Speech Convertor: Try at Home

Ever wondered about one great thing in windows which can amaze you? Well here is one for you 🙂

Try to do the following steps, and you will see a perfect example of text to speech convertor:

  1. Open notepad and put the following code into it:
    Dim msg, sapi
    msg=InputBox("Enter your text","Talk it")
    Set sapi=CreateObject("sapi.spvoice")
    sapi.Speak msg
  2. Save the file as “text2speech.vbs” , remember its not .txt but .vbs. Make sure you do not save it as text2speech.vbs.txt
  3. Double click the file and a box will appear. It will ask you for some text.
  4. Enter any text you want to test. For instance enter your name.
  5. Hit enter and thats it. You just saw a perfect example of text to speech convertor.


3 Cheers for Bill Gates
Note: Tested only on Win XP, I haven’t tested this on Vista yet.

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Critical Bug in Gmail integrated Chat

Well chat is a part of our day to day life (I use Gtalk). While chatting with my friends today who were using gmail integrated chat, I noticed that they were going offline every 2-3 minutes. Finally thanks to Sowmya Sudha, who came up with this critical bug in Gmail integrated chat. Here is what exactly happens when you chat using Gmail integrated chat:

Step 1: You open up a chat window to start chatting

Step 2: Pop out the chat box to get more space for writing and reading messages

Step 3: Now for some reason you decide to popin or close the poped out chat

And Bingo!

Your browser goes for a roll. Tested on Firefox and Flock. Surely will be same on Internet Explorer.

After failing to handle orkut apps efficiently, this is the second time I am seeing any critical bug from google. Are we going to see a downfall in google’s standards ??

Try out yourself.