Gmail Type Attachment – How to make one?

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Google and its wide range of web applications have simple changed the way we used to look at internet. Be it the revolutionary fast Google search engine or mail by Google i.e Gmail. You will find enormous amount of threads and forums discussing How do google achieve doing XYZ? or How do they make it happen fast and efficiently?. One of the most talked about thing about Gmail is probably how do they achieve making Gmail so simple, convinient, sober, fast and easy. One of the Gmail's feature which contribute hugely in making it easier and faster for users is:...

My Interview with Yahoo-Inc! (Part 1)

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Hello Friends, Last month I was interviewed by Yahoo-Inc! for a job as software engineer. Here I would like to point out the discussions and various question/answer sessions I went through before I got my confirmation letter :) Probably someone looking to join yahoo can take some tips from here. In total I went through 7 rounds of interview (1 telephonic, 1 HR, 1 with Manager, 3 technical, 1 general aptitude). I will try my best to recall and summarize all of them for you all. But before I go ahead, I would like to thank my good friend Rajib...

Life in Bangalore after IIT Guwahati

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Bangalore, Bangalore, Bangalore !!! This was what everyone wished for in their final year at IIT Guwahati. Everyone wanted to get a job in one of the multinational firms in Bangalore and like everyone else, this was what I longed for and got too! After a long wait for my joining letter,  I was finally asked to join my present employer on 21st June, 2007 and if I can recall correctly, it was on 19th June, 2007 that I landed in Bangalore. First trip to Bangalore (2002): It wasn't for the first time, that I was visiting Bangalore. I came...

Google, Yahoo, Microsoft toolkit for startups

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Welcome, Well there is some good news for young entrepreneurs out there. Google released Google Apps which can be used by for your websites email, hosting needs. You can use all the google applications (Gmail, Gtalk, Google docs, Calendar, Page Creator etc) for your site and all for free. This really helps one to focus more on the functionality and features of their website rather than wasting time in maintaining such trivial things. (Altertunes currently uses Google Apps without any problem) In competition, Microsoft too have released Startup Center and Microsoft Office Live Basics, which includes Business plans for startups,...

How to configure Ubuntu and LAMP on Windows

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Hello all Linux freaks, Having already looked upon how to configure Apache-PHP-MySQL on Windows, now here I will try to explain in short how to do the same on Linux OS. I personally don't have a seperate machine for linux. I run Ubuntu on my Windows machine using VM Ware. So before we go on to see how to configure LAMP on Ubuntu, lets see how can we have Ubuntu running on Windows. For this tutorial I have used VMware-player-2.0.2-59824.exe for VM Ware installation and for Ubuntu. You will need to download the same from and Install...

Essential frameworks for web development

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Hello developers, Initially when I started working on Altertunes, I was unaware of the various frameworks which one can use for his website. Though I never have used any of them for Altertunes (main reason being the eagerness to do everything by myself), but may be some of you out there might be interested in having a look at the same: : Undoubtedly one of the best available framework for Ajax in the market. Prototype is a javascript framework that aims to ease development of dynamic web applications. : If you are looking to have all those fade-in...

Altertunes featured in

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Hello All, Yesterday Altertunes was featured and reviewed by This is first ever coverage of Altertunes over web. To read more on the same visit: To have a look at "In conversion with Abhinav Singh, Founder of" visit: Many thanks to Pravin Karoshi for covering Altertunes on

How to write crawlers and parse a page using Perl (Part 1)

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Hello all perl freaks, One of the most powerful thing which we can achieve using perl is, extracting any content from a website you want to. For example, you can use perl to extract information of all the artists from All Music, extract information about all cricket players and matches from CricInfo. In the past I have used perl for making web crawlers for Altertunes and most recently I used perl to extract news from Google News. Here I will try to explain how efficiently you can extract information by parsing html pages using perl. To start with lets revise...

Web Development – Part 1: Apache, MySQL, PHP

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Hello Friends, Ever since I have started web development and launched Altertunes, many of my friends have asked me, "How and Where to start web development ?" . Though there are infinite tutorials over the internet on web development, I will try to jot down my experiences and learnings here. To start with, I will just try to explain a few terms, before we go on and learn how to handle and integrate them together: Apache: is the web server, which is used world wide for web development. Since April 1996 Apache has been the most popular HTTP server on...