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Goa Trip - Beer, Beach and Dirty Dancing

4 years and finally I had a long and wonderful vacation. Our (me and Sowmya’s) last vacation was way back in 2005 to shillong and since then I have always said a big NO to all her planning. At times due to my workaholic nature and most of the times due to my laziness. However [...]

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Internship in Swiss : Part 1

One thing which every IITGian starts dreaming about after getting into IIT is a foreign trip in 3rd year. With a strong record being maintained by pass out seniors, every junior have this strong belief “I will get an intern in Europe”
However in past few years the scenario has changed. Students no longer limit their [...]

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Life in Bangalore after IIT Guwahati

Bangalore, Bangalore, Bangalore !!!
This was what everyone wished for in their final year at IIT Guwahati. Everyone wanted to get a job in one of the multinational firms in Bangalore and like everyone else, this was what I longed for and got too! After a long wait for my joining letter,  I was finally asked [...]

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Me, Music and Guitar : How it all started : Part 1

A things I can’t live without, apart from my parents, love and friends will be guitar and music that will make to the list.
But I was never a born musician. There were friends of mine (Amit Chandra aka Candy and Navneet Singh aka Noni) from school days who used to play old country stuff along [...]

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Ichor performing Fade to Black @ IITG, Subansiri - April'07Blues for SowmyaBoss ME-70 guitar processor demonstrationDSC06793DSC06792DSC06791DSC06790DSC06788DSC06786DSC06785