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Checkout WordPress Toolbar Version 2.2 Release Blog.

This plugin is a result of day to day observations of my wordpress blog stat. I analyzed that 75% of my blog’s visitors were leaving my blog posts by clicking one of the out going links either to my code.google project pages or to an external source of information. However, I doubt how many of them were coming back to leave a comment or to bookmark/share my blog post on one of the social bookmarking sites. I can say this because, even I too forget to press the browser back button and visit the blog again.

However I observed that I was clicking the link back on stumble floating toolbars and facebook external links toolbar. And hence came WordPress Toolbar Plugin (upgrade to 2.0 with Admin Panel). In short:


WordPress Toolbar is a unique plugin which will automatically enable a toolbar for all outgoing links from your blog post, similar to stumbleupon and facebook. Often the visitors on your blog clicks one of the outgoing link for more information. However, s/he often forgets to comment back or social bookmark your blog. WordPress toolbar will float on the top of all these outgoing links from your blog post, showing options for either visit back your blog post from where s/he came from, comment back on your blog, social bookmark you blog in one of the famous bookmarking sites and finally an option to leave this toolbar.

This is my first wordpress plugin and I have just got my subversion repository access on wordpress.org. I have checked in this version of plugin and you can download the same from the download link above. You can experience the wordpress toolbar by clicking this link: http://abhinavsingh.com . As you click this, you will see a brownish black toolbar floating at the top of the yahoo.com page using which either the users can come back to comment on this blog post or they can use one of the social bookmarking images to share this blog post.

Introductory Features of WordPress Toolbar:

  1. A link back to your blog home
  2. A link back to your blog post from where he visited the external link
  3. A comment back link to originating blog post
  4. Various social bookmarking links to share, promote and bookmark your blog post
  5. Finally a close button, with which he will exit the wordpress toolbar
  6. An admin panel to configure and customize all of the above options

How to install WordPress Toolbar:

  1. Before proceeding with this version 2.x, you should DEACTIVATE any active 1.x series plugin
  2. Remove /blog/toolbar.php which you must have copied while activating 1.x version
  3. Remove /blog/wp-content/plugins/wp-toolbar directory fully. You will no longer need this
  4. Download the plugin
  5. Extract the plugin into `/wp-content/plugins/wordpress-toolbar` directory
  6. You will see one directory named `extra` which contains required images and css (DO-NOT-TOUCH-THIS-FOLDER)
  7. You will see 2 files named: wp-toolbar.php and toolbar.php (DONT MOVE THEM ANYWHERE)
  8. Activate the plugin
  9. Go to WPAdmin => settings => `wordpress toolbar` and customize the toolbar
  10. Bingo!

Version Change logs:

  1. Version 2.0 : Version was upgraded since 2.0 is a complete overhaul from 1.x series. Specifically it allows you to do the following:
    • You can now use auto upgrade for future releases without caring to move the plugin files everytime
    • Admin panel allows you to fully customize your toolbar
    • You can now ever choose social icons of your choice to be displayed on the toolbar
    • Choose domains for which you don’t want to activate this plugin
    • Unlike 1.x series, 2.0 do not change the href=”” urls. Instead now it uses javascript onclick event to activate toolbar and hence taking care of your SEO needs
  2. Version 1.1 : Include emergency CSS and HTML Validation fixes for IE browsers
  3. Version 1.0 : The first release of wordpress toolbar

Planned Future Releases:

  1. Include support for wordpress blogs hosted on PHP4, currently they are facing issues
  2. Include an options for inserting target=”_blank” for all outgoing links
  3. Club Socialble plugin into wordpress toolbar – Since wordpress toolbar already consists of all the social networking favicons, you may want to have a similar copy for a different plugin. Hence one of the next releases will include support for inserting social icons on your blog
  4. Club Google Analytics plugin into wordpress toolbar – Currently wordpress toolbar plugin inserts a onclick=”” event for all out going links which enables the toolbar for the link. However if you are a user of Google Analytics Plugin, then you might face a few issues. Mainly because Google Analytics Plugin too tries to insert an onclick=”” event for all outgoing links. Which finally clashes with wordpress toolbar onclick=”” event. Clubing both will allow you to enjoy plus points of both the plugins.

Do leave a comment or any suggestion for improvement.

  • http://www.betaasansor.com asansor

    I can’t wait for a new release 2.9 compatible with javascript!

    please keep us posted in progress!

    thanks and kudos!

  • http://www.asyawebdesign.com Asya

    Hi, great plugin, I love the idea of getting people back to my blog. Bad thing is it stopped working. I don’t know the reason, it would be very nice of you to help me. Thanks in advance!

  • http://blog.darth.ch/ Darth

    First, I’m sorry, but I speak very little English.

    Then, before you ask a question, I wanted to congratulate you on your very useful plug-in.

    My question:

    Is it possible to hide the URL that shows the location of the plug-in when you click on a link? And to have something other than: … / wp-content / plugins / wordpress-toolbar / toolbar.php? …

    For I think this is a weak point for security blog. In addition, it created some problems if one wishes to remain anonymous on the plug-ins that are used.

    Again sorry for the mistakes I certainly do so by writing in your beautiful language.

    Thank you in advance for your reply.

  • http://games.s7s7.org abdo616

    hi it is great plugin but i have a problem with it

    in category page i found this lines written after the summary of my posts

    var wordpress_toolbar_urls = [];var wordpress_toolbar_url = “http://games.s7s7.org/wp-content/plugins/wordpress-toolbar/toolbar.php”;var wordpress_toolbar_oinw = “oinw”;var wordpress_toolbar_hash = “aH

    how can i remove these lines

    you can check it yourself at


    my wp is 3

    waiting your replay

  • http://www.turksurusakademisi.com türk sürüş akademisi

    Thank you so much for the wonderful plug-in.

  • http://gamaasansor.com asansör

    is there my problem? yes

    You don’t have permission to access /toolbar.php on this server.
    Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

    Why? Is there a simple solution?